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Damn. No Live 10 :(

Cool! Works nice.


Ableton 10.1.4/Catalina

For some reason, the cab button kills all my signal. Works with it off.
Ableton 10.1.4/Catalina

Once, engaged, JKnob kills all my signal while showing an overdriven output with no sound. Great idea though. I made one with Ableton stock parts in a rack, last year. I hope you get it sorted.

I tried pressing the keys with mouse but that didn't work either. Hope you can get it working for 10! if you could respond. thanks.

I just tried to use this on Ableton 10.1.4 on a midi and audio track.

I adjusted every single parameter and wasnt able to get a signal to pass thru it all. Dry/wet nothing made a difference. Just killed the signal. Odd.

I set up an account w email. Went back to site. The error occurred again around the town/city. I did some tricks w the keyboard to get info in. Couldn't access place order but lucked out just hitting enter. You should look at that. It's very odd.

Can't fill out the information on your site to complete order. I've never seen a site that scrolls up immediately as I try to scroll down. Very strange. It's like it's on an elastic band.

I see no white button to push for mapping. Can't map unit. Says 16 macros 2 in the image. .amxd says 16 macros

for some reason, I can get 3/4 off my rack to map to this. then the other 1/4 refuses to. I'm confused

When I saved the rack with 3/4 off it correct, I reopened and all of my mappings were gone.

Chrome blocks your site with plugin

Have my sample loaded. Can't seem to trigger it with keyboard. :/

This is great. Wish I had a manual for it and understood the parameters.

This is cool. 2 things I noticed were the sample start doesn't move in smooth increments like sample end. Jumps big leaps. The speed in negative does the same as positive past 1. I thought it would keep getting slower.

This is cool. Couple of bugs with GUI, device size in Ableton and the sampler but I like it.

I was going to check out your gumroad but Chrome blocked it for potential information theft. It's probably a false positive but thought you should know.

I was going to check out your gumroad but Chrome blocked it for potential information theft. It's probably a false positive but thought you should know.

This is different. It seems like it only auto plays and the keyboard doesn't activate the synth.

I'm trying and trying but I cannot figure out how to get this to work. :( Is Ursine available on email for some help?
rob at

I tried to find an address to email you. I was able to get a sample recorded into this. But I cannot for life of me manage to get any output from it. Played around for 30 minutes with no result. Looks pretty cool and I'd like to figure it out.

Hello, I had no luck at all finding anything on your discord to download. I mostly can't understand the language and though I searched, I never found this filter.

This looks really cool but I just spent 20 minutes with it and I can't get a sound from it. LOL. I have tried triggering the sample I put in all different ways on live, adjusting parameters etc. But no sound. Any help? is my email

I'm sorry. There was an issue with my browser. It works.

download device link isn't functioning

I followed instructions but it produced no sound on Ableton 10

I'd truly love to know how to load a deck/text file.