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Name | Version: MDD MAUG 1.2
Author: maximedangles
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: MAUG is a drum sequencer based on LFO speed.
ALL parameters are controlled by Breakpoints (Lines). There are 12 parameters :

and 8 mappable parameters.

Each Parameters have their own Speed and Step Numbers.

News in 1.2 :

- adding copy/paste
- external windows for a full edit
- grid steps with snap to grid function
- added curve function (press shift then click on the line)
- grid quantiser is now a part of parameters slider
- several small things...

Have Fun :)



Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jan 22 2019 16:31:07
Date Last Updated: Mar 20 2023 08:18:44
Downloads: 2626
License: None
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Device File: MDD__MAUG_1.2.amxd


That's such a nice device ! Thank you Max (I'm thanking you personally, not Max Msp / well, they have my eternal thanks as well, btw). Some suggestions for an update : allow the possible transparency of graphs, copy/paste between graphs, make curves -not only, lines - between break points, possibility to show a grid with values, editing on a separate (bigger) window. Anyway, many thx for the share.
This is great fun! thanks for the hard work!! I've discovered that it only seems to work when i drag it into ableton from my download folder though? whereas if i save it inside ableton, it stops working? Otherwise it's the kind of sequencer i've always needed! thanks again!
hangarsliquides > you have some great idea here ! keep in mind everything is possbile with MAX/MSP ;)

maxpigott > That's strange, you should write to the ableton team for this one.
hangarsliquides > i just added some of your request ;)
transparency of graphs is not something i'll add, because there's too much parameters, so it'll be a mess !

Can you give an example of how to use this device?

hmmmm..... i don`t get any midi output/ sound ?
what i`m doing wrong? no errors in the max windo
Many thx for the update (and sorry for my late thx). You rock, man.
Hello !
Sorry for the delay. This device is only for data infos.
So, there's no sound, it's normal... you just have to map the diffent sequencers to your ableton devices or VSTs parameters....
Hello, I love this sequencer! But.... some times it stops spitting out triggers, hard to say when. It still moves mapped parameters but just doesnt send notes no more. When I open it in max I get 2 error messages- "Method popcontextframe called on invalid object" and "Method pushcontextframe called on invalid object... (windows 10 max8 live 10)
I'm sorry to know that. i don't have any idea of what thoses mesages are but i'll try to work on it... when i will have the time :)
thanks for let me know !
Excellent work!
hi Maxime
first of all congratulations for such devices!!
MAUG has become one of my favourite sequencers. I've been using it mainly with operator but a few days ago i got some of De Lirios m4l devices (instruments and effects) and it is being adictive...
i'd love that it could work not sincronised to live or at least to have much lower speed (2n is too fast for me... hahaah).
yes, and maybe to be able to save the lines drawn from one sesion to another... but anyway, i love it.
thanks, anyway.
I'm going to try your super grains now...
all the best!
amazing drummer for weird and fun experiments!
only one request: any chance for a zoom function of "external window" ?!
my screen is too small and it bleeds out and I cant see it all...

thanks big time !!!!!

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