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Do you allow payment with paypal?
If you want to answer privately:

Maxime, sorry

ops, sorry. I thoght it was an effect.... it needs notes entered...

I'm not getting any sound, what could it be?

hi Maxime
first of all congratulations for such devices!!
MAUG has become one of my favourite sequencers. I've been using it mainly with operator but a few days ago i got some of De Lirios m4l devices (instruments and effects) and it is being adictive...
i'd love that it could work not sincronised to live or at least to have much lower speed (2n is too fast for me... hahaah).
yes, and maybe to be able to save the lines drawn from one sesion to another... but anyway, i love it.
thanks, anyway.
I'm going to try your super grains now...
all the best!

I've paid for the 12 devices in you gumroad.
my Email
I can send you the screen capture of the payment when you send me an email.

hi xxxx74
don't you allow Paypal payments?

Is bve.sendtoslices device missing? sorry, i can't find it.