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Hi Spiralune,

First off this is an awesome device.

I have an idea for a small edit to your patch.

Basically Im using two of them to fade between racks of m4l FX. I do this by putting two racks full of FX inside of another rack and putting fades on the chain selector regions. I put one of your devices before each of the FX racks full of devices. Essentially a rack of racks. The problem I have is that your device wont properly refresh wile inside of another rack (which makes sense). My current solution is to pull your device out of the rack, (along with its corresponding FX rack) refresh it (so it links to the clip slots to the FX rack) and put it back into the rack (rack of racks). I hope that's not to confusing.

While I can make it work to fit my needs, I'm wondering how hard it would be to update the device so that you could refresh it wile INSIDE of another rack...

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let me know if I can better explain myself.

Nice! was in the middle of building this exact thing when I came across your device for midi, which led me here. Good work!


Excellent work!

Simple. Elegant. Great Job!

Excellent. This is exactly what I needed. Looking forward to sharing the results.