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SLINK PAN BY HYPNUS RECORDS 1.0 by IsotonikStudios
0 Comments utility
ENDLESSLY MORPHING STEREO MODULATIONS. Slink Pan generates panning patterns from an algorithm inspired by the natural movement of water to create an organically morphing stereo effect. Main Features... (more info)

UAD Preamps EQs and Channel Strips Pack Wrappers 1.0 by UdoRBrauna
0 Comments effect, utility
Get UAD Pultec, UAD Hitsville EQs, UAD Neve 1073, UAD API Vision and UAD Century Tube Ableton Wrappers 40% off! Want the UAD Compressors Pack Wrappers? Click here: https://udorbrauna.gumroad.com/l/UA... (more info)

UAD Century Tube Channel Strip Wrapper 1.0 by UdoRBrauna
0 Comments effect, utility
With this m4l device you will be able to use the Universal Audio Century Tube Channel Strip plugin like an Ableton native one. This includes mouse clicking, midi mapping, automating, visuals, etc. N... (more info)

Pitchbend Wheel 0.8 by CODE3672
75 downloads, 0 Comments utility, beta
Simple pitchbend that returns to zero like a pitch wheel when mouse up, with "configurable" timing release. add a pop-up window for stand-alone use (more info)

GETOUTOFMYWAY 1.0 by ElisabethHomeland
4 Comments utility
GETOUTOFMYWAY is designed to help you manage large projects more efficiently. It lets you define up to 10 view groups, each with unlimited keywords. When you select a group, any tracks that match it... (more info)

Plastic Robots MIDI Sequencer 1.1 by nandoscheffer
1 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, dj, beta
Plastic Robots MIDI Sequencer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1THDyeOnyuo&ab_channel=NandoScheffer Midi sequencer developed for the famous electro techno duo Plastic Robots. Based on the sounds and s... (more info)

Cinematic Studio Strings Tool V2.2 2.2 by DarlingLee
0 Comments utility
1.Based on version 1 (version 1 is stoped. ), removed the redundant "Main Articulations" and put the "All Articulations" in a more prominent place; 2. In addition to the above point 1, other functi... (more info)

TBT Mobius Control 1.0 by trevorbeingtrevor
0 Comments hardware, push
Every midi function of the Strymon Mobius guitar pedal at the user's fingertips, expanding the possibilities of the pedal live and in the studio. Check out the URL for more details! (more info)

odd1 - odd MIDI sequencer 1.0 by tomme
0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, glitch, other, dj, push
odd1 is an 8 voices MIDI sequencer with a graphical user interface. A low value of the markers gives fast repetitions of the note. High value, slow repetitions (maximum 1 bar). You can control also... (more info)

MaStudio 1.02 by nagra
4 Comments effect, other
MaStudio is a midi effect based on the Magenta Music framework. MaStudio continuously records incoming midi notes and sends them in intervals to the Magenta Framework for processing. The result is th... (more info)

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