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MIDI CC to OSC for Monome Norns 1.0 by rplktr
38 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
This utility maps common expression CCs found on MIDI controllers to script-specific OSC params on Monome Norns. It properly supports scaling both on the MIDI input end (integer values from 0 to 127) ... (more info)

MIDI Gliss 1.0 by DougHirlinger
0 Comments sequencer, other
The MIDI Brains behind Gliss Bliss... Create ascending and/or descending MIDI runs or arpeggios defined by interval, duration, and grain fed to an instrument in Ableton. Set a bottom note or range o... (more info)

Dual MIDI Freeze 1.0 by stev
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, push
Dual MIDI Freeze allows you to freeze 2 separate channels of Polyphonic MIDI and interact with them in various ways. All frozen MIDI can be retriggered, muted, or cleared with the buttons on the devic... (more info)

Ping 1.0 by encoderaudio
0 Comments utility
Ping is mappable API event generator, like KR, but on steroids, but, instead of generating random values, Ping generates "falling" control events. The basic idea came from the modular world, where you... (more info)

Fibonacci Note Echo 0.0.2 by zsteinkamp
6 Comments effect, utility
0.0.2 UPDATE - FIXES BUG IN 0.0.1 This Max For Live device uses Javascript to implement a MIDI note echo effect where the echoes follow the pattern of the Fibonacci Sequence. This device receives MI... (more info)

Round Robin For Sampler 2.0 by all4live
2 Comments utility
This device controls the "SEL" parameter of the sampler, and also has three modes for transmitting midi messages: poly legato and step, and also does not block MPE messages .... Note : This midi devi... (more info)

102 downloads, 2 Comments utility
IF&THEN MIDI by BAZR is a maxforlive device that enables (max.) 8 mapped parameter outputs based on (max.) 8 discrete conditions. The result is binary and may be momentary or toggled: you can use mult... (more info)

AS Steps 1.0 by SABROI
0 Comments sequencer
A convenient yet feature intensive step sequencer that aims to be the one stop shop for all your generative and randomization sequencing needs. Made in collaboration with Hellbound! Ableton 11+ Requ... (more info)

Velocity 3D 1.0 by tylermazaika
0 Comments synth, sampler, utility
https://zoftloud.com/product/velocity-3d for details and more images. Velocity 3D applies velocity curves based on input velocity and pitch together. Originally built for improving MIDI piano playbac... (more info)

Tombola Sequencer 1.0 by joelpowell
2144 downloads, 11 Comments sequencer, utility, other
Ever wanted to try the OP-1’s Tombola sequencer but couldn't justify the price? Introducing Tombola sequencer for Ableton. Perfect for creating semi-random sequences. Play in midi to drop notes i... (more info)

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