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Memory Desync 1.0 by HadenCain
0 Comments effect, other
Memory Desync “remembers” prior notes played (as many as needed). And then randomly repeats one of the “remembered” pitches later at a specified timing interval. This is used for creating uni... (more info)

Keyboard Monitor 1.0 by lqud
131 downloads, 0 Comments utility
no rocket Science ... maybe useful ... (more info)

inScale 1.0 by killihu
0 Comments utility
inScale is a device that allows you to play MIDI notes always in the selected scale. Unlike other similar devices, inScale has some features that offer more versatility for both composition and live p... (more info)

Slicer 1.1 by TristanSutcliffe
163 downloads, 0 Comments effect, glitch, other
Slicer is a polyphonic MIDI device which takes incoming MIDI notes and transforms them into a series of notes with the same pitch/velocity. The effect continuously repeats the "slices" until the MIDI ... (more info)

MarkovMIDI 1.0.0 by leisurewear
92 downloads, 0 Comments glitch, other, beta
Generate MIDI from markov chains trained on the MIDI input of your choosing. This is a bit of a work in progress. It works, but not with 100% reliability. Based on Benjamin Day Smith's ml.* (M L Dot... (more info)

Achilles Live 10 1.3 by TristanSutcliffe
86 downloads, 0 Comments synth, sampler, glitch
Live 10 version. Achilles is a sampler, that can use its own custom tempo for sample playback. One feature allows you to modulate loop points using automation or LFO tool like CV LFO. It can sync ti... (more info)

Velocity Mapper 1.0 by alchemical9
98 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
This device expands the expressive possibilities of key velocity by providing a way to map the velocity value to any parameter. This is a good way to make an instrument velocity-sensitive in new ways... (more info)

Potee 1.0 by s8jfou
2 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, m4lhackevent
Potee is a simple Knob. You turn it and it creates notes. Choose a scale and Potee will trigger notes only within that scale. Click on Random and it become autonomous. You can still adjust certain par... (more info)

Premo 1.0 by s8jfou
0 Comments effect, utility, other, m4lhackevent
Premo is a free device that saves and instantly recalls the presets of an instrument or effect when a defined note is played. Premo can also control 4 effects sends. Watch the demo : https://www.yout... (more info)

Probee 1.0 by s8jfou
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, m4lhackevent
Probee is a free random generator triggered by MIDI notes. Everytime a note is played either via the computer keyboard, a MIDI clip in Live or an external keyboard, Probee will create 6 different rand... (more info)

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