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what i mean is could, the eucledian sequencer controle an enveloppe?? thank you so much

answering so late but yes it helped me a lot!! thank you so much

I have another question, because i come from a musical backround and i have no clue about programming:
could it be possible to assign each dot to some other value than a note?
for example: instead of determining a note value could each dot be assigned to a value of midi cc to program external hardware??
i can give you my personal email if its easier

thank you again for this creative tool

Thank you for this sequencer which i have bought.

I am using it to send a sequence into hardware. I have 2 problems:
- the lengths of the notes are not long enough even though i put it up to max, and the synth always plays a base note in between each note of the sequence
- I which it was easy to program the start of A B C or D on the second or third beat instead of always starting on the 1rst beat.

I am fairly new to all of this, and i won't be able to program it by myself.

thanks for this sequencer, it's very inspiring.
thanks in advance for any help