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Nice i'll try and let you know

Seems nice ty

How is it different to the one from robert henke ?

Nice but the panning doesnt seems to work

How does it work ?

Wow what the fuck happened ?
Did it moved every max patch to my download folder ?
Did it copied them ?

It makes no sound on win 10 ableton 10

Thanks a looot.
Amazing :)

I've been using it the past year and pretty much loves it.
Do you see any improvement to it yourself ?
I like the fact that in tragedy you can draw the steps

How is it different than the 2 others devices available here ?
Is there bi directional feedback ?

its not available anymore

Secret weapon material defo

i don't really get how it actually works some things are obscure
but it looks interesting

Really nice !
Do you have paypal ? I will gladly give you some $$
Also would be nice to be able to switch between notes (c c# d..) and values in the notes step seq

Does it work with the v2 ??

It would be nice to have something like mutable instruments grids or some of the noise engineering stuff.
Apparently they analyzed patterns from songs in classic genre and tribal ones. Like african rythm and patterns done live by tribes.
Could the AI actually learn from some audio files you give them or does it have to be midi ?
It would be really dope

I'm not sure that i understand what this is supposed to do.
Could you make a video ?