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Yeah sadly it isnt working anymore

Nice! Does it pick back the time when you close and open it back ?

Anyone knows if its not buggy anymore ?

amazing works thanks!!

i'm trying to modify this device
so it possible to control it with midi.
Do you think it's doable to include sometHing like this ?

It says maybe i need to upgrade my max tho
"go.biquad: go.biquad: operator/abstraction go.biquad not found in gen domain dsp.gen"

Yeah forgot to freeze.
"nbody~: nbody~: No such object"
"go.biquad4: go.biquad4: operator/abstraction go.biquad4 not found in gen domain dsp.gen"

Looks amazing!
Nice work

Looks amazing.
What would be sick to implement is the same thing in the Rabid Elephant Natural gate. When trigger are getting closer the length of the ringing is impacted.

Can't seem to find the demo video on the website ?
Did you uploaded it somewhere else ?

Ohmy it's an amazing work. Spent a few minutes with it and already some crazy tines going out. The matrix is dope too.
Would love to have a randomise button for the matrix.

It's working well on m1 Mac.
How do you get 16 channel of microtonics ? You load it twice ?

Heck I wish someone is gonna make it compatible with m1.
Boehm apparently did but should be ported to m4l

I wish it was possible to have the chord strummed like for a specific amount of time but idk how to edit it to do that. Nice mod tho

Amazing work!!

I wished some of the standalone one had more functions.

If you do a full featured modal synth based on the one there it would be soooo amazing

Sadly its not m1 compatible

Really nice work !
its a bit hard to read tho. I need to use it more but maybe i'm gonna try changing the layout a bit


Working fine with no error on the latest ableton release 11.2.6

I wish someone made a calculator with more variants like

Nice device beside that. Idk why you choose the worst background but ive edited it haha

Hey it doesnt exist anymore ?

Wow amzing work !!

Really cool device!
Is it possible to make it less clicky ? I like to get clicks around but for more evolving sound its less interesting. so having control over the attack would be nice

The gmaudio transient shaper is nice and w updates :)

Still buggy..
Ive tried messaging them many times and no answer. I would be carefull to buy it w no support

Amazing! It seems dope- Buyinng it rightnow

Just buyed it and i love it already. AMAZING WORK !!

Nice would love a video for it before buying :)

Such a cool device. it's only missing the feed delay from the Note echo in m4l.

super cool stuff ! Thanks for sharing

Damn i spent hours trying to figure out how i could do exactly this and you had it there sitting lol. Thanks a whole lot mate

selecting the length doesnt seem that easy. I had a go at it and since it's using a different system than most seq it's not the simplest

Ive made a 16th note version of it. I need to edit it to add the note on/off of 1.1. Also would be cool to be able to select a length /16 to get offbeat patterns.
I'll try to add it too. Maybe a bipolar version with offset too. And multiple parameters mapping
Thanks for your work

Really nice work !!!
You can get nice sounds. Would it be possible to have the delay base and other time based parameters in sync ?

Amazing works KendyD.
Loving this device right noww.
Got sounds out of it that were pretty out there :))

Amazing work !!!!
i love this device. Would be super cool if it was possible to select a velocity decay curve like bell or linear/expo so to have more variations. Or just random velocity decay.
Damn such a cool device congrats

Would love if there was a ratchet/repetition tab so you can select how much ratchet per steps you want

thanks a lot for this i love it. I made it even bigger for my use it's nice :)

When i load two of them in a project and that one of them have the sidechain function the other one get triggered by the sidechain too. Any ideas why ?

This is rly good i came back to it. Do you plan tu update it a bit too ?

Heyy so this is still mac only right ?

It's a great device. But when i load it back from an old set it actually is buggy and i have to reload all the instances. Which is a bit of an issue right now that hopefully will be fixed

It doesnt work on windows because the vb.mi.plts is compiled in MAC.
Idk if anyone did a port to windows it should be pretty simple but i'm a noob

More infos :

Really cool. Looking forward to see how it evolve too

It's cool but it's not velocity sensitive :)
Also plaits is limited in control because its an eurorack module but it could exist with a proper env right ?

Buyed it but doesnt seem to work on ableton 11 and windows 10

I liked it.
It would be nice if it was possible to select more flavor of noise. I tried merging it with ableton DS HH but i suck at max haha
It's a cool device i wish i could use only the samples/noise part to make hats

Anyone else having issue on live 11 ?

Hey hi do you still pass by sometimes ? i looked at some place to reach you but i can't seems to and github doesnt allow internal messages

Amazing work :) not sure how it really work yet but loving it

Doesnt seems like it works in live 10 anyone tried

Amazing works. Would be dope if OP1 was actually just one channel controllable with pitch. I'll try to edit it

Hey seems really nice.
How hard would you think it would be to make this a bark filter processor like the verbos eurorack module ?
Seems really cool as is but wondering

commenting for later :)

Really great work and lovely device.
Love that you give to charity :)

It would actually be kind of nice to be able to choose if the ripple are sort of on grid. So you can choose to get rythmic or not. Or having something similar to the way they show the buffer time on ableton looper. So you can pre select if you want to record 1/2/3/4 bars.
Idk if quantizing ripples are needed but having the possibility of choosing in advance the recording buffer time would be nice.
WOuld be really cool to be able to also undo a ripple but i guess that's pretty complex.

Anyway amazing works. Well worth the 5$ price. I would even pay more for it now that i've used it.

Damn gritty

Yes would love a demo :)

Yes would be nice to have a demo. I'm not buying something without a bit of examples :)
Looks really nice tho

Really nice work.
Can't seems to really change the starting point height.
Would be nice to have pre existing waveforms as in the "shaper" m4l.
I'll try an edit

Amazing device :))
Thanks a lot

Nice i'll try and let you know

Seems nice ty

How is it different to the one from robert henke ?

Nice but the panning doesnt seems to work

How does it work ?

Wow what the fuck happened ?
Did it moved every max patch to my download folder ?
Did it copied them ?

It makes no sound on win 10 ableton 10

Thanks a looot.
Amazing :)

I've been using it the past year and pretty much loves it.
Do you see any improvement to it yourself ?
I like the fact that in tragedy you can draw the steps

How is it different than the 2 others devices available here ?
Is there bi directional feedback ?

Secret weapon material defo

i don't really get how it actually works some things are obscure
but it looks interesting

Really nice !
Do you have paypal ? I will gladly give you some $$
Also would be nice to be able to switch between notes (c c# d..) and values in the notes step seq

Does it work with the v2 ??

It would be nice to have something like mutable instruments grids or some of the noise engineering stuff.
Apparently they analyzed patterns from songs in classic genre and tribal ones. Like african rythm and patterns done live by tribes.
Could the AI actually learn from some audio files you give them or does it have to be midi ?
It would be really dope

I'm not sure that i understand what this is supposed to do.
Could you make a video ?