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I bought the "Euclidean sequencer PRO 2.1" and I don't understand how the PRESETS work.
I suppose it is possible to make a capture, like a snapshot of a configuration.
I don't know how to save it.
When I drag the number over number 2, I can't go back to number 1 by clicking on it.
I don't quite understand how to use the presets.

My use is rather oriented towards generative music in a precise scale.
I use an LFO device to randomize the mouse "click" on RANDOM ... however, I would like to confine the draw to a certain amplitude of notes ... see to freeze certain notes which would not be picked up in the Random draw ... I don't know if I'm being explicit enough?

Finally, beautiful device and thank you in advance for your answers.

Hello Because789,
I come back to you to know if your MultiMap can be used in a "instrument rack."
Let me explain:
- I created an "instrument rack" with 3 instruments for example, as a "chain".
- I added a "AutoFilter" effect on each of the 3 instruments.
I wish I also use a button "mapped" on 3 cuts off filter frequency, as I have done on multiple tracks, but inside my instrument rack, on a selected instrument.
Do you think is that possible?
Keep me posted if you can.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

Just to tell that is a fantastic utility.
I use it to control effects on various tracks.
One knob to control multiple effects only on the selected track !
Perfect for Dj or users limited with little knobs/faders controllers.
Many thanks.
Bye, DRJ.