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Hello Alkman
Just wanted to say thanks for this great sequencer, i wish it will be growing along with it`s users in all ways

Little report from me, about few bugs i found there:
1. Whenever i save Live project, and load it again - Euc Seq 2.1 - sometimes forgets number of active beats in each individual track (A,B,C or D)
2. Automatization problem, for example if i want to turn on individual sequencer track (A,B,C or D) at some point in song mode - automatization can be grayed out surprisingly after user push play in Live. So in order for it to work user need to push restore automatization button (on top of Live app) once again, while track already playing (because it resets only when you hit play)
3. Also automatization problem whenever user hit record - it just postpones automatization of sequencer track activation for example.

And yet again thank you for this app and all the effort you put in there, good luck!