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Actually, one last comment. Another reason with my disgruntlement with the disabled patch is that it is impossible now to get it to work in Max8. With most M4L patches it's possible to mod the i/o and use them in the Max standalone. As I've left the Ableton community for reasons described above and do all my work in Reaktor VCV and Bitwig now, with side projects in Max8, the patch is completely useless to me. So total waste of money. But you did clearly state requires Ableton 10.2 so ridiculous assumptions on my part. Cheers. Good luck.

@aikman Well. I appreciate the amount of work that went into the patch. And I'm sorry that someone appropriated it for commercial gain. So I apologize for the paranoid comment. I do regret the commercial shift from Max hacker wonderlad to M4L for profit, but understand that it's good if some can make a bit of money on their passion. Best.

I purchased your older sequencer and the upgrade. It's very good, but the way you merge the layout so it's impossible to work with or edit is just a terrible policy. Bad for the community. I guess you're just paranoid. I can't recommend to anyone for this reason.

Excellent device! Thanks for the hard work! My only complaint is that the internal layout is uneditable when you open it. Using Max8, all objects are thrown into offset 0,0 with minimal width. Is there a version of the object available which doesn't have this problem, or is this the intent, that the patch be uneditable. If so, not really in the spirit of Max development. Nevertheless, still worth the price.