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Vbap Doppler Panner Version 1.1.5
Vbap Doppler Pong Delay Version 1.1
open file Version 1.1
visualiser Version 1.0
ml.Distance Version 1.2
Euclidean sequencer Version 1.1
Euclidean sequencer Pro Version 2.1
ml.Distance doppler Version 1.0

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@josetoroconcha You should have received an email sent from gumroad. Inside you will find a discount code

@hooman. Please contact me on the email found on your receipt.

@Diegaso You have to go to settings and on the re-sync tab click on Re-sync on next new bar.

@Gert. There is an option for this. Go to settings and on Incoming midi tab active "MIDI through"

@PaulCham Yes, you can do this in sequencer mode.
In the extended window, you can use the last tab called "parameter". You can map these values to any parameter in Live that is midi mappable. You can also interpolate between these values if you wish.

@Thorsten, Please check your inbox

@Paulcham, I am glad you like the sequencer.
Regarding the issues, you are facing.

1) I can't tell with certainty what is going on there but please double-check the envelope settings of your synth. The synth might have a fixed envelope for all incoming notes in which case duration and velocity won't have any effect.
2) I am not sure I understand this completely but I believe that you can achieve this by using the rotation parameter and offsetting the start of each sequence.

Let me know if that helped

@Akiva, a new version that fixes this issue is out. Please re-download both devices from Gumroad by following the link in your gumroad receipt or your gumroad library (if you have signed up). In case you need more details here is more info

@Akiva. None has reported this yet, so thank you. I'll have a closer look at this tonight and try to reproduce it in my system. If I can verify it I will release a fix for this before the end of the week.

I am glad you like the sequencer.
I tried to keep the device as less bloated as possible so I decided not to add features that you can add with other M4L devices.
In your case, you can achieve this with a free device that maps MIDI notes to MIDI CC.

@looshamik Hi there! Are you using any VPN? If so, try to disable it and maybe retry with a different browser.
Let me know if that works, else send me an email and we will figure something out.

@richiekay I am not sure what is exactly the issue there, but I believe that you first have to fill the price field and then hit the "I want this" button.

@Smconnor I am. not what is exactly the issue there, but I believe that you first have to fill the price field and then hit the "Buy this" button.

@Poppip Hi there! It seems that you don't have max for Live(M4L) installed in your system. This is a M4L device and it requires either ableton live suite or to purchase and install M4L separately. You can find more info on this here

@rsavell. I understand. Send me an email and we will figure something out.

@mhj Yes, you should have received an email about that. If you can't find it please email me here:

@Ratoki It has never occurred on my system on Live 11. It could be what OCH suggests.

@tigranHam, @lodube19. Thanks to both

@rsavell First of all I am glad that you like the device. I really am beacause it is a passion project. It took me 14 months on-off to patch all the features -and that without even considering the first version-. This is a commercial piece of software and for better or worse not being able to edit the source is a common practice -even in the M4L world-. This is there in order to protect the author from fraudulency and thus secure the viability of the project. The majority of my devices are available for free and you can edit the patch as you please. Recently, a team of people rebranded part of one of my free devices as a commercial software without even crediting. I would say that this was a terrible policy. If you think that this is paranoid so be it.

@Jurgen11 Sorry to hear that. Which ableton version are u using? Most likely it has to do with the bundled max version ableton comes with. Please make sure that you have ableton 10.1.2 or later.

@Drewskee thanks a lot.
Random will be per channel-voice.
Midi routing per voice is also coming soon.

@dcrandall Preset automation and mapping is already activated in version 1.1 which came out 2 days ago. Shuffle and random automation are coming on the next update.

@johannesastrup Thanks for reaching out and pointing the issue.
I confirm the issue is present on live 10.1.30.
A free update is coming out with a fix.

@Marlon4life. The tempo is already relative to the track's tempo

@xavieri please send me an email here

@Livinglivefree please update your Ableton version to 10.1.2 or hm later. As it is stated in the description this device requires a newer version of M4L.

@gannok push integration is coming soon.

@weswook I would like to implement this too, but unfortunately, Ableton does not support internally separate midi channels. This is more of a design flaw. You can read more about it here

@melnikalex0 what is the exactly the problem you’re facing?

@toddburbo . Bummer! I am not sure I understand exactly what is wrong. This is a midi device so it is not producing any sound but only midi information. Try to deactivate the “midi” button and let me know if you see any notes at the output of the device.

Hi @hzd
Thanks for reaching out and reporting the bug. An updated version with a fix and some new features is coming soon.

@2v909 Make sure you deactivate the "MIDI" button. If enabled the device will output note when it receives a midi note from a clip or an armed track

@cvpines and @solarpavilion. I am sorry for the inconvenience but this device requires Ableton 10.1.2 or later. It is clearly stated in the description. Please contact me through Gumroad for a refund

@benaben. Are your sure your sequence have 8 steps? I cannot recreate the same problem on my system.

@ mariodance . Sorry to hear about that. Which version of ableton live are you using exactly?

@mjk3423 You can do that with the standard way of recording MIDI notes! Create new midi track --> Select as MIDI input the output that the sequencer is on --> arm the track --> record a new MIDI clip

You can also use the incoming notes as live input for another instrument

@RodSerlingsAshTray I've never seen that before. Which ableton and max for live version are you using?

@Benaben . Bear in mind that one full cycle on a euclidean sequencer does not correspond to 1 full bar. The duration of the sequence depends on the length(steps) of the sequence. You can simply test that everything is in sync by doing the same thing as before but this time make a sequence of 8 steps and set the "playback" to 8n. Everything should come in sync at the beginning of every bar! Let me know if you still struggle with it

@don70 . Make sure you deactivate the "MIDI" button. If enabled the device will output note when it receives a midi note from a clip or an armed track

@ alkinganng Thanks for the feedback. It's a good idea

@nulcearsugar, thanks !

@Crampe. Did you route the output channels?

Are you on mac or windows? what version of Ableton and M4L are you using?