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Name | Version: ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer 0.9
Author: 3st
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This is a stage-driven sequencer. There are a total of 8 configurable stages and 3 layers for pitch, velocity and "aux" (= Pitch Bend or CC). Each stage provides 4 different play modes and can have a variable length from 1 - 8 clock pulses. Enjoy!


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Nov 14 2009 18:05:44
Date Last Updated: Nov 23 2009 19:10:08
Downloads: 76106
License: Attribution
Average Rating (68)

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Device File: ML-185 Sequencer.amxd


This is my favorite device so far! Even more than any of the default content in M4L. Thank you so much for sharing.
great device. really having fun with it. cheers z
Very nice and inspiring little gagdet! Thanks a lot!
hellz yeah! this is an amazing device! good work on this little beast man!!! thanks for sharing!
thank's!!very nice device!
thanx, a little big machine, great!
This is such a musical device! Thanks for sharing this - it's definitely getting the OSC treatment from me and becoming part of the permanent install here.
The variable length switches are no longer functioning for me sine M4L was actually released, they worked fine in the last beta. Still not happening in 8.1.1beta2.
fantastic faithful emulation. i want to comment on how professional it looks with presentation and the fantastic info you provided everywhere. if only all the M4L devices were as well documented as this... thank you

A very very very good device, the best sequencer!

Good job ;)
Coolest thing since sliced bread. Instant Front 242. Most fun too be had outside of bed. Thank you thank you thank you, this is why I wanted MfL!
This is one of the most powerful sequencers so far.
I just wish there was a possibility to activate it with midi clips.

If you could add this to it, would be great.

I also wish there was a sequencer like the Matrix from Reason,
with the ability to do sequencing and panning, just like in the original.
Matrix is really cool and would be great to have it inside Ableton.

I'm not into building devices, but wish someone with knowhow would do it one day.

wow thanks for this good work it is inspiring me :)
Thanks for this, brilliant!

One question though: the AUX CC value seems to reset when I reload the session.. Any way to persistently store the CC value?

In any case, examining your patch will be a godsent ;)

very nice work..! thanks for posting this..:)
well this is kind of funny.

I get max for live, I download a bunch of things including this (didn't try it yet).

I then remember the RYK 185 sequencer I saw a few months ago and think how perfect a first project it would be to make for max for live.

I start laying it out and making notes.

I notice ML-185 in my devices and think to have a look as it might help me see how to start going about it.

I instantly recognise the "0 I II I-" and slap my forehead.
I should say, you've done a wicked job. I'd never have managed it.

Any plans to pimp it up with a portamento knob?
This is the best device, just wish I had an external synth to trigger close to hand!
Wow this sequencer is ace.
I am thinking about buying a doepfer maq16 3, but I have come across this. But it only has 8 steps.
can this be made in to a 16 steps? Or chain two together? This is the only thing I would buy max for.
I don't have a clue how to program max as I am only checking out the demo.
Congratulations. keep it up the good work.
Been dreaming about a step sequencer which I could easily map to my spare Remote 25 for years now. And the design I had in mind was pretty much alike to this (only yours is better). I've been fooling around with MAX since 5 years now, but somehow never got into building this. I recently bought m4l too, and was thinking that I should browse through the posted devices before I start building my own. And here it was, very first in the list: the sequencer I've been dreaming about. Many thanks.
awsome thanlk's
simple & effective, thx
Been using this for a few weeks now just thought I'd say thanks and let you know I am really enjoying it.
Just got a BCR2000 and instantly loaded this device!
what a treat.. custom mapped everything.

Are there plans for a 16 step version ?
16 step version would be so coooooooool! please!
+1 on 16 Steps. Wall of appreciation broke my mouse-wheel.
Great device, and the most straightforward configuration I've seen--very helpful as I'm learning how they work! Much appreciated!
This device is awesome!...I would like to make a request to add a couple steps of undo/redo so you could hit random and if you hit it again, you could go back one or two previous settings...maybe little forward/backward arrows next to the random button? Also, I can't seem to map my Push dials to the dials at each stage which would be very helpful for doing real time performance with this. Thanks again for making this available!!
This would be amazing if you could add direct CV and GATE outputs via something like an expertsleepers ES-3 module.
The this would be similar to the motropolis module but in software...
Please do it!
great patch, thanks. in my top 3 sequencers for M4L
Love the device Anyway of making the random button midi mappable anyone ? ✌🏿
thanks! thanks! thanks!

I love this device and use it profusely. One way you can make it work like a 16 step sequencer is if on the channel, put two instances of ML-185 and two dummy clips on the channel which you can set to alternate using launch mode. Set the automation on each clip to alternate off/on on the sequencer. :)
let me know if any of this doesn't make sense.
Yeah, many thanks 3st!
This is perfect! It works amazingly as a page on my Midi Fighter Twister. It's definitely going in to my default template. I have been looking for this for weeks!
Love it!

I am trying to use this in Max/Msp environment alone (not Live), but when I instantiate more than one sequencer, they behave in unison, ie not responsive to separate settings. Looked at the patch & can't quite discern why. Any help would be appreciated. Or perhaps a patch adjusted for use in Max?
Milgracias por compartir,,realmente inspira todo los sonidos que pueden salr de usar el ML-185...esta en mis favoritos..THX
Please updat for use with Ableton 10! Interface is glitched out.
Sorry everything is fine... ment to comment on another Stepsequencer!
The mappings to Push don't work anymore with Live 10...
Okay, this might be an amazing device - but I need some help. I have no idea where to start with this. Can anyone help? I have searched for basic stuff like tutorials and the device name but to no avail really. Where do I start?
Such a classic used this on every track since download Thank You!!
Best Max sequencer ever.
+1 on the 16 step version, please!
Always pleasantly surprised to see a musical Eurorack-style sequencer. Thanks!

Would love to see a UI/Push update for Live 10.

Also, how do I record the MIDI coming out of it? Enabling MIDI Thru doesn't help.
is anyone having issues with this device since live 11? Mine only outputs 1 midi note (c1 I think) all my old projects dont work
@Royalston all good here in 11.2.5
I would love to be able to disable the clock and advance the sequencer with Midi notes, and then use odd time signatures
When I open a session with ML-185 previously added it seems to just play one note value for some reason. Do others get the same behaviour? Is there any update coming in the future? Any other sequencers with the same style?
Great sequencer but a bit bugged out!

The semi tones of the individual sequences get frozen upon reopening projects. To fix this, I have to change the pitch individually up and down which is tedious. Would love to see a patch on this.
Hi, I'm a student and would appreciate your time if you could answer some questions regarding Max MSP, I've made a form.

Thanks for your time in advance!
Great sequencer but a bit bugged out! +1

Please fix issue with restoring settings (pitch/vel) upon reopening previously saved session!
This sequencer is amazing and really easy to use. Thank you so much.

I've noticed that the semi tones freeze when you re-open your project. For the ones who are having the same problem I've found a solution to prevent this. You just have to freeze your midi track before closing your project and the next time you'll be able to start immediately (y)
I love this sequencer but after a random number of bars it just stops, even though the track continues. As if its no longer latched. Any ideas what's going on?

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