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awesome pack of devices! thanks so much for sharing.
i'll be using these to take control of the notes/gates my eurorack modular sequencer sends to ableton

awesome device! thanks for your work!

slight buggery, at the moment, it's not possible to have more than one of these in a set.
for instance: i have madrona labs aaltos' 16 pitch sliders mapped to the device. and upon placing another multimapper 16v2 on another midi track, the knobs of the second device control the pitch sliders too.

curious @hyakken.. i have yet to make use of the cc row.
what dost thou use it for...?

oopsy daisy. when i place a built in ableton arpeggiator.
any quantisations below the tbseqs' quantisations
makes outgoing notes stop

totally used on 3 Live instr racks

nice one!.
reckon it may use a note quantizer...
this way it may play better with arps as well.

love this indeed

curious if its possible to make pocket seq a longer sequencer ?
say 24 or 32 steps.

perhaps a variation without the bottom CC row.

just thinkin

experimenting with Uzz, sequencing 2 instances of madrona labs Aalto synth and batter:

aaaand. make sure, if its on a separate midi track,
that your midi inputs are set to accept midi from pocketseq.

be sure to set some
Velocity - 2nd row levels
and Duration -3rd row levels.
without those, it doesn't output anything.

or, just hit the R (random) button. and you'll get instant gratification.

grazi for your continued efforts!
wonderful wonderful

ooh my. 32 steps! heck yes. do it. why not. would be amazing for sure. can't wait for the next update..

reckon the arp thing is fixed. though, i am not a m4l device editor by any means. so definitely don't take my word on it.

opened up the patch and connected the midi in to the midi out.
now abletons arps work just swimmingly, here's a screenshot:

not next to my bcr2000 at the moment.
but will look into this in few.
i use uzz with the bcr2000 as well.

any thoughts on the arpeggiator quandry ?

second screen capture., playing with the beginnings of the multi pocketseq rack:

basics down. enjoy

so far so good with multi pocketseq rack.
noticing something different..
doesn't seem to play well with abletons arpeggiators

initial test with 2 instances a sequencing success!
will be digging deeper tomorrow and building a
pocketseqX4 sequencing rack.

thanks for the update..

hmm. just tried to have multiple pocketseq's in one live set.
4 seq's triggering 4 different kits.
but each one is still passing its sequence to the other, and/or,
i can't seem to have them running at the same time, without each midi track getting its own sequence..

getting muddled.
thoughts ?

oh my....wonderful! f*k yeah.... how bout a 24 macro..hehe

so simply c/p'd your device and made a 16 macro version.
i reeeeeally want an updated 16-24 macro device for live 9.

tried making multimapper a 24 macro, but it wouldn't save properly or something. my m4l device skills are nill..

here's a screenshot:

cheers. great device!

made a lil viddy using PocketSeq,

not the best quality, gotta work on my conversions, but the sound is sharp

truly my favourite new sequencer. i only wish Live had a standard 16 macros when grouping devices.
i mapped the 1st rows seq controls
{quantisation, start-end, direction, etc..}
to the 8 macros when grouped so my apc40 can blue hand those.
then mapped the pitch/vel/dur to my bcr 2000.
almost like having a true analog seq..hehe.

thanks for update!

oooooohh lala. kick ass! nice work!

download update confirmed! danka

definitely! map as much as possible.
especially pitch, quantization, randomize buttons.

being able to map this to the massive amount of knobs available to the bcr2000 is where its at!

how do the updates work for folks who bought it ?

actually haven't mapped the uzz to my bcr2000 yet.
was thinking of another.
there's no right click midi learn here. is this possible ?

Fantastic update! Bought instantly ! Been using UZZ for some time now. Great to see you're advancing the sequencer.
Works wonderfully mapped to the bcr2000..

so far.... loving the device.
i'm noticing one wee bug. when mousing inside the sequencer, sometimes it randomly resets to an "init" state. really great device to use with other midi fx in ableton!
thanks for your work!

awesome i found v2! just picked up a korg ms2000r and started sequencing with ableton ! this is coool.
can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
i'm on Live 9, m4l 6.1.2

beautiful device. really. pumping random sequences to granular synths.. wonderful results. musical !

definitely making the donation!

right. oh. name fair price info is misleading.
oh we can pay more too.

"pay fair price" doesn't work. it refused my Donation. whats up with that ?
if its donation ware, make it donation ware. cheers.
awesome device by the way!!!


this device is awesome! can't wait to see where you take it!
thanks !

sweet. danka

oh yeah, that was me who wrote you.. learning to edit/build is is awesome..cheers

nice work..

if ya'll are still reading up on this patch.
one option is to do a screen recording. and voila.

this patch is truly amazing....
i am curious tho, it seems to be limited to only having one in a set at a time.

is it possible to alter the patch somehow to have 2 or more.
like, one on your drums. one on synths.

could make for crazier than crazy multi projections...

scratch my last question...this is an amazing seq!!! thanks so much...

is this a step sequencer proper, in which it generates midi notes..?
or is it just a parameter sequencer ?

Just got a BCR2000 and instantly loaded this device!
what a treat.. custom mapped everything.

Are there plans for a 16 step version ?

i love your devices and thanks for your work..
but, correct me if i'm wrong,
this is a "dream it, build it, Share it"
place for free maxforlive devices.

great idea...extending lives limited recordable clip automation
is f*kin great ! thanks for your efforts

Hi, I'd love to try your device. except your download link doesn't work. ...

Wow....that would be amazing!! Thanks for your efforts... (i could help test.humbly)

is this useable with any other controllers ? looks pretty sick!

amZING seq genny...thanks for your work/

device does nothin to clip.
hmm. not sure i wanna install that external as the site has a warning about it.
any thoughts....

cool device...could you perhaps do a little video tutorial on usage...?

amazing description, and i'd like to think i'm ableton smart.
but how do i get this device working ?

wonderfull..will you be putting together a quick how-to and perhaps a video ?

indeed. enabling any amount of mapping buttons , for me,
makes it more live playable..
thanks for getting back.

someone made a maxforlive device for the launchpad,
a buffer shuffler with midi cc commands. i use it now w/launchpad
but yours could maybe follow the same idea:

Download link towards bottom by 'nnneuromodulator':

lovely device !
is there a way to midi map the device....?
thanks so much for your work.

finally back in the studio with this sequencer !
is it possible..or do you have plans on making a
16 step version ?

i recommend going to
and see if there's any answers in the forum.,
and/or contact the developers

or email me as well, perhaps with a screenshot of whats going on.
and be sure to be running the latest max4live install
and ableton 8.2.2
as that would have an effect as well.


make sure you have the Velocity turned up. I didn't get any sound until i did that.
I didn't have to do any midi in/out routing either. It should just connect via osc, which i didn't alter either.
be sure to have the midi to and from drop down menus set proper:

5. assign midi from the iannixtomidi track, to the synth track.
6. assign the midi in track, on the synth track, from the iannixtomidi track.
7. click the monitor in, on the synth midi track.

this is an awesome device, but there's no way to map anything to some macros, thus giving you control without the mouse.

Being able to use controllers would really make this a live device.

thanks again for this sweet update

sunfallsmusic at gmail

Got it working wonderfully !!!
Made my first screencast of a brief ableoton session using this device.


Hi there, great patch! although, and here's a link to screenshot,
seems its maybe not frozen. all i see in the device is the guts of

thanks again for you work.
sunfallsmusic at

recent update works a charm. stackin these up in ableton is wonderful..
I need more knobs !
Thanks soooo much for updating.

I just love this sequencer!!! Works marvelously...
with a combination of launchpad to toggle steps and knobs for everything else.

I wonder though:
-can't seem to use more than one in a live set
(its weird, just ends up acting as one)
-i tried an instrument rack with 2 in the chain selector,
and that didn't work
-been messing around with midi prefs and routing tricks, but
to no avail

Any thoughts ? I'd love to have at least 2 in a set, either in an instrument rack and then switch between seq's.
Or on separate midi tracks to control different kits/synths etc.

Live 8.2.2, w/the lastest max. so should be fine there.
on a mac.

its cool, thanks for the update!

can't wait to give it a whirl..

definitely interested in trying out that instrument rack!!

Super Bump for native launchpad version. been experimenting with it with monomeemu..quite a bit of latency.
is it possible to have more than one row of clip mangling happening at the same time ?
seems i'm limited to the top row of the launchpad at the moment ?
and can't figure it..
still., AmaZing!! thanks so much for your work!

@ lek -
can you say how you set this up to work proper ? that would be supercool.

wonderfull devices!!
any chance of an example viddy screencapture of these 2 in action ?
basically a wee 'how-to' set up and listen in action ?

Thanks so much

scratch my previous post.
I had to reselect one of the 3 modes (pitch or srub..etc)
and it started flowing!
super cool.
thanks so much!

wonderfull plan. though.
on launch,, even using your example set. nothing happens.

as well as creating a new set.
-->audio track w/clip and Audio2Midi device
-->midi track w/sk1 device
= no sound.

any thoughts.
i'm on os x

hi, thanks for this wondrous device..
altho. , it crashes live 8.2.1 everytime i try to load it.
even into a new clean set. :(

any thoughts.
my max5 is up to date as well.

thanks again.

Great work!

Thanks for the info.., got this one working with a drum rack and arpegiator! Grazi

i can't seem to get this to do anything. :(..
i put it in front of synth, drum rack etc, and nothing happens.
is this not a sequencer at all, just for modifying fx parameters ?
any feedback would be great.

i can't seem to get this to do anything. :(..
i put it in front of synth, and nothing happens.
is this not a sequencer at all, just for modifying fx parameters ?
any feedback would be great.

wow. looks exciting, thanks for your work!

love it ! Danka!

just amazing! cant wait!!

looks wonderfull!!
thanks so much


Sounds exciting! Thank you

thanks so much. been wanting to incoporated video triggering in ableton !