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Hm, I'm on Catalina... GUI shows up blank for me except Float and Detach, neither of which seem to do anything, and previewing audio files in Finder doesn't seem to work.

In Live 11, I get a warning when trying to export the clip, then I can't seem to get it to work. It's supposed to export the MIDI to a Track/existing clip, right?

That bug only happens if your input is after the first x # of tracks, so it must be related to the bug you're already aware of.

Great device, and thanks!

[Bug] If you group or ungroup the device, it looses its Input routing. Any way to fix that?

What does this do?

Always pleasantly surprised to see a musical Eurorack-style sequencer. Thanks!

Would love to see a UI/Push update for Live 10.

Also, how do I record the MIDI coming out of it? Enabling MIDI Thru doesn't help.


Does the BigSky controller also receive parameters from the hardware? Or does it only send to the hardware.

Also, does it send the parameters automatically when the session is opened, or do you have to remember to interact with it?