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Does this work with a monome 64?

does this work with a monome 64?

cant wait to check it out. thanks!

thanks.. gonna check this out today

thanks for this, i loved genstep v1
looking forward to pinging my modular with v2 today ;)

great patch, thanks. in my top 3 sequencers for M4L

this looks supercool, thanks for developing.
it felt for ages as though there would never again be any patches written for the apc, and like others noted in the comments, the original egloff patch has been very spacey since live9
also the monosequencer is my favourite max device so this baby is a win-win. cheers

this is really cool. cheers

this is the only step sequencer for APC i have found that migrates from live 8 to 9. the shift functions no longer work for me but it does 90% of what i need so i love it

i really love the concept but am finding it hard to make noise.. could you make a tutorial vid or manual please?