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I agree.

Does this work with Midi Fighters?

I.. I just really can't overstate this enough.. This is the one.. THE one.. I was trying to recreate that nice Electrobank sub kick.. and the other drum synths were failing.. well at least for time spent involved.. dropped this in and.. yes.. just.. yes.. This is how I need to dial in my kicks.. or hats.. toms.. whatever.. The interface is just.. instantly useable for people who know what they are trying to do..

This is perfect! It works amazingly as a page on my Midi Fighter Twister. It's definitely going in to my default template. I have been looking for this for weeks!

This device is amazing.. It totally brings me back to my early days of making music.. This is how I like to make drum hits.. by hand.

Did you know that you could rename the jpeg to jpg and it will work fine?

This is such a helpful device! So freaking helpful! I hate using the side buttons because they are so awkward!

One note; This device has flaky controls when not key mapped but once key mapped it works flawlessly.

This helped me make my choons 272% better. Good on ya mate!

+1 For the launchpad native version. Please please please!

This is a fantastic device. I've tried several other doppler effects over the years but this is the easiest one I've found that will create that awesome tickle in the back. Thanks!

Likewise, this device has made the most sense so far in use of a launchpad. Audio clips on a track in some column, midi effects in clips to the right..