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Thanks for these devices. Using them to test the ISE-NIN Firmware update. Insane!

Thank you, Graham. Looking forward to giving 1.6 a spin (I hope save works!)
Amazing with any drum machine, but if any of you can get your hands on an 01/IV Drum synth from Division Department, it's next level!

Looks like I'm buying your whole modelling line up.

So, In practice, from home, I get it at a steady 138-139 bpm. At the office, it's randomly jumping everywhere from 276 to +500. This device is awesome!

Can't wait to try this!

Can't wait to try these!

Hi, great idea. I just got it, but the instructions to set it up are far from clear. Would you mind making a little video taking us through the set up?
Happy to support if it turns out to be as great at what its potential could be.

Nice one! I've had some glitching, and I guess some people will have a hard time with not being able to save oatterns and key assignments, etc. Those would be some really great improvements to a future version. Also an Explanation of how Glitchy Skip Jump work would help users get more out of them. Great device, though! Love it!

This is so hilarious. Although I'm trying to reduce the amount of time that face is on my screen.

Haha, this is great.

Deckard's Dream supports MPE :)

Great idea, Thanks!

You are my hero. Thanks!

Brilliant! Only 10 more months until April 1, 2018.

"Hey buddy, could I borrow your laptop to check my email?"
"But I'm about to play a set of killer drops, bro."
"Sure, sure, this'll just take a minute. Oh, and what key do you usually map your flanger to?"

Yeah, many thanks 3st!

I love this device and use it profusely. One way you can make it work like a 16 step sequencer is if on the channel, put two instances of ML-185 and two dummy clips on the channel which you can set to alternate using launch mode. Set the automation on each clip to alternate off/on on the sequencer. :)
let me know if any of this doesn't make sense.

Nice work, you just made me lazier.

Works great! Now, to try not to sound like Jeff Mills.