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This would be amazing if you could add direct CV and GATE outputs via something like an expertsleepers ES-3 module.
The this would be similar to the motropolis module but in software...
Please do it!

This is such a great device!!!
i would love to see some kind of individual note timing randomisation/human feel aspect to this for really bringing this device alive.
something with a wet/dry percentage of timing/quantisation?
It would be super cool to to get a range from super tight (dance/house style) to super relaxed/sloppy (soul/jazz style) chord fingering....
what do you think?



would love a full 8 parameters to map macros :)
if not more!
Thanks for an awesome device!!!!!

Ok.... I have re assigned all parameters to e on a logical order when used with PUSH. Where do I upload this????

This is great!!!
But is there anyway to make it more push friendly?
Meaning when I'm in device mode on push, the banks of 8 knobs aren't in order of the controller. They seem to be mixed up!
It would e great to know how to organize this so it would be:
Bank 1- osc
Bank 2- filter
Bank 3- vca

And so on.....
Any updates intended????