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*I meant Nestup above not note up. This is Note up!!

I picked this up and I really like it been wanting to do something like this for a while. It does seem to stick on odd notes with a constant sustain. I plan to use with the note up device or the Skinner box time sequncer

was thinking there's lots of scope to build on this , few ideas:

ability to drop a midi clip in to set the notes
ability to play the midi notes in on a separate midi channel
ability to set the beats per note al la m185 seq

I would love to be able to disable the clock and advance the sequencer with Midi notes, and then use odd time signatures

it can be purchased, and I have

can this be purchased directly or is it only via Patreon subscription ? thanks

3.2 is working for me . Thank you

hi just trying this, ive dropped on a midi track in front of a synth but no midi seems to be passing through? thanks

64 is more than enough! i picked it up and its great. not quite worked out how to import Midi yet? Also was wondering if the manual steps/midi inputs are quantised to the clock at all ? seem to be but might just be my perception. Great work though well thought out plenty of depth so thanks for the device!!

thats great news , i want to use it to re-play midi patterns generated by the excellent Less Concepts sequencer but bend the timing so its not so orthodox timing wise, will watch that walk through now, can it be triggered by midi note as well as audio? what is the max steps?

Thanks 👌

Hi. Could this be the thing im looking for. Does this allow you to step through manually? Can midi clips be dropped in to it?


Looks interesting and forgive me if it already does this and ive missed it but ive long been looking for a way or device that will allow you take a midi clip and step through it manually in the same way a few sequencers allow ( 185 ect) so disconnected from the live transport. Ideally you could do this manual stepping either quantised to beat divisions or completely free.

yes thanks for this, if i wanted to create a group of known micro tonal scales is there an easy way that you know of to build or download those text files

i just bought this and it looks like it has a lot of potential, it would be good if you could enter a specific value say if you want to a knob to be set at 3.5hz then 7 hz etc by moving the fader i cant quite land on the values i want. cool though

yes a demo would be great to help understand this device. Thanks

Yes. I love this device. I think it possibly my favourite max4live download. I read the attachment and I think I almost get it conceptually too, for some reason feels like a healthy way to generate MIDI with all that maths going on. I’m now wondering what other teletype algorithms would port over. Not that I can do anything about that.

any video demos on their way ? thanks

I havent, i will do that now - thanks

i picked this up but it instantly crashes Live when i launch it so not been able to use it yet.