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Name | Version: STING by IFTAH. a really nice acid line generator 1.6
Author: iftah
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 1.6 update: added Push 3 support

1.51 update: fixed a bug where changing tracks will still generate midi clips on the previous track

1.5 update: added accent and clip generation.

clicking on "clip" will create a midi clip with the current sequence. this works in session mode only, also please note that this feature requires live 11.

1.04 update: minor bug fixes.

1.03 update: Generated pattern will now save with the set / preset.

i first came up with the idea for "sting" 10 years ago during a residency in reykjavik. it started like half a joke as in "can i program something that can generate acid lines" and turned out to be a great musical tool and super popular device. since then it saw several iterations that were made public, except of this last and concluding version which i was using on stage during the final years of skinnerbox.

"sting 2022" allows you to generate anything from atonal to acid lines and fluidly morph between them. you can also transpose the root note via midi, offset the sequence and do other neat things.

click on the smily face to generate a new sequence, use the “Density” dial to morph between 16 variations of the sequence, use the “Type” dial to morph between 16 tonal and a-tonal versions of the sequence, use the “Root” parameter to define the root of the scale or toggle “Midi” to define the root with incoming midi notes.

demo video here:


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Sep 08 2022 10:25:01
Date Last Updated: May 24 2023 12:07:18
Downloads: 39887
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: Sting 2022 by Iftah 1.6.amxd


Sweet! Very stoked to see this surprise! As a happy owner of skinnerebox, can't wait to check this out! Thank you!!!
Fantastic! Thank you very much!
What an amazing device. Thank you so much for sharing!
ultimate fun
So nice and helpful! Thanks for sharing!
I've used the original Sting! since it came out, and copied / stolen from it ever since.

I love seeing life in the original idea still.
The smooth pulsating smiley face really caught my eye when I was scrolling down the list of what's new. The demo video really gets the point across!
This looks so cool but I can't download it. It says file not found. Anyone got the same problem?
@Tamhardtek I've been reading similar reports, it works here so its probably some server issue at, just try again and im sure it'll work
thank you!
@iftah Thanks for your reply mate, now it works perfectly.

Thanks for sharing!!!
Is there a way to find presets or are they random by clicking the face? I'm wondering if they are assigned in the background.
@rdavilla76 @iftah also wondering about this - is there like a noise seed in the background that we can see - or is that a significant change to the way it works. I think adding a seed/pattern preset saver would be sweet and then just generate banks to switch acid lines in a track.
i'd buy a version that would save presets (at least a quick midi clip dump to a channel)
save the generated line with the project (pretty sure its an easy adjustment most of us did with the originals..i recall something inside just had to be set to automate or something)
maybe some cute stuff like generate a note staff hehe
@hatyn i was about to write a very long response about why the lack of saving is a conscious design choice i took for STING many years ago and that in studio scenario i actually recommend using sting to quickly generate ideas , record them to a midi track and move on in life in order to not get stuck on generating the whole day and ruin your creative process with the curse of potential etc etc etc

but in the end it was simpler to just update the device than to eloquently phrase this so the latest version (1.03) saves with the set / device preset, just redownload to update

Love it! Thanks so much.
@iftah I knew/know that this is a choice. But we are mere mortals. I will use your device live as intended of course. Much love and thank you for the update! Hope you do a workshop in berlin/eu sometime would be f awesome
So much fun, thank you!
I found it! It took me 4 days to find the preset I lost. I saved it originally and when I came back to it it was a different pattern. I lost what I was working on. The device was doing random things after each 2 bars.

It does seem that they are presets or set patterns in the background and not just random because I was able to find the exact pattern. Keep in mind I had remembered the parameters exactly as it was, but just had to keep clicking the face until I heard the pattern.
@rdavila76 , STING is not using any presets and is as random as randomness in max can be

(here is a nice article about randomness in max if you are interested )

i guess you just got lucky :)
Are the waveforms in teh video just a visual thing for the demo? can we choose between sine or saw? can't find the option. Nice work!
@justix66 STING is only generating midi, with which you can sequence any synth you want. the waveforms in the video are actually a screen capture of ableton´s wavetable which i used in the video

This looks incredible, but I get x's for eyes and nothing happens when using the device. Am I missing something?
am I missing something? is there a way to simply drag a pattern to midi clip. maybe I'm too lazy, but that would be a handy addition!
@admorningstar sting generates midi, it has no sound on board, you need to load it before a synth and press play

@tbf maybe sometimes in the future
Does this need Ableton 11 to run? Can't seem to get it working in Live Suite 10.
@iftah Ah thank you for clarifying! Working great now. I think this may be the same question as @tbf, but can Ableton record the MIDI notes? For now I am having a blast recording the output onto an audio track.
On Ableton 11 but the life of me can't get any sound to output
I noticed a bug when Loop is enabled, as soon as it hits the end of the loop, it shifts the sequence by a step
@nikothekid10, good find, fixed in 1.04, redownload to update
Awesome! Thank you!
Maybe I am doing it incorrectly, but when I hit Clip, nothing happens
@Untilthenofficial, you have to press midi and then clip.

This is by far the best and most inspiring asieed gen I have tried:-D Really good work IFTAH xD!!
@Untilthenofficial , this feature requires live 11 and works only in session mode, no need to click the "midi" button tho.
really great stuff - only thing i found is that moving the device to another track will continue to generate clips on the first track it was placed on.
@hatyn good find, fixed in 1.51
It shows up in Ableton but tells me " this device is bot available in this version of live" anyone know how to fix it?
Groovy device. Works perfect.
Thanks a lot!
Beautiful device.

Some suggestions I had:

1. step length could be increased to 32 or 64 for writing longer arp patterns.
2. an alternate button which could provide variations of the current pattern.
3. The midi follow feature is incredible! Would love a device with it for harmonic chord sequences.

Is there a way to have the generated notes start in a higher key? i'm quite new to ableton so it might be an ableton problem but i always have to generate them then open the midi and move it up
I'm also getting "This device is not available for this version of Live" 😢
Using Ableton Live 11 Lite (11.2.11 2023-03-17)
Does think work with Live 11 Standard? When i try to open it through Ableton it says 'this device is not available in this version of Live.'.
Does this not work with Live 10 Standard? I get the message that it does not work with my version
@Nutbeam - put a Pitch effect after Sting and set it to whatever you like, up to 128 semitones. You can find Pitch under the Midi Effects.
tried it on Push 3 - is it me or is there no button to generate a new sequence?
also would be great to have the button to create a clip exposed. Super handy.
just tried it as is and after saving the set on push3, the sting sequence got reset, so need to debug whats happening. Maybe remove generation of sequence on device load, maybe p3 reloads the whole set after saving? and add generate button and save sequence to clip.
well easier said than done. Dont know why the save caused a set reload. I guess P3 was getting ready to crash that time.
As for the missing generate button - I ended up embedding the happy face button patch and freezing, maybe was an issue on my end but that worked.
the clip saving, whew that seems unsupported or needs to be done in some other way on p3 standalone.
sorry to spam but maybe its interesting and a funky gotcha -

Push standalone lets you work on a liveset with loaded in devices, but upon saving the set it will collect all and save and this causes Sting to get reinitialized and regenerate the notes. So better record those midi notes, or first add Sting, then save, and then jam.
or youll lose your line after the first save

after the project director and .als is created and sting is copied over to the folder tho, everything saves as expected and doesnt get reset either.

still hoping to figure out what to do about clip generation
so cool
sorry iftah can you please check the link for this sting? it is very interesting to play with it and add some more movement to drums. or can you send a link for download? many thanks
Getting the same message here for Ableton Live Standard 11
"This device is not available for this version of Live"

Please help!
@soundsis it should work with live 11 standard + max for live
thank you
Hmmm… is it me or are the controls not available anymore on Push 2 running Live 12? If I'm in "device" view on Push 2 it now says "No parameter mapped". Was fine in Live 11
@d4vidb works fine here on push 2 and 3
Now this is super fun to use. What a great example of max in action
Thanks for that!
If you want to be more Acid you need to take it internally.
This is it.

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