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Youve done it this time Osprey.... tysm for making this!

This is amazing! I Would prefer the option to switch between a regular utility volume control on the output, or overall track control!

Outstanding. cleanly built and intuitive device. Thank you for your work!

outstanding work!!!

This is definitely not a priority, but I am a sucker for seamless UI's, and I know you've been porting over the UAD UI's. I would love if the theme of this device was similar to the native Ableton devices! would elevate the experience even more!

O_O LETS GO!!!! Amazing.....

Im legit so exited for the update!! thank you for making this and taking on the negative delay!!

This may be a longshot, but the ability to adjust the timing to negative milliseconds/samples would be an absolute game changer. I know that would be mean some variable latency for the device, but I have so many applications where a negative sample shift would increase workflow by a ton!

What an insanely useful device. Thank you so much for making this!

Looks amazing! unfortunately, im not getting any sound out of it rn tho :( at full wet there's no output

!!!! omg


you are on a roll! thank you for these awesome devices!!

love this so much, great job ARFAL!!!

Working now, thank you for the help and amazing devices!!!

I absolutely love these wrappers you are making! however, I have encountered some issues with them not recognizing the plugins (the wrapper shows up but when clicking the tool icon to show the plugin...nothing appears, and there is no processing going on). So far, decapitator, microshift, and crystallizer work just fine (most recent soundtoys version), but echoboy jr, little radiator, and little microshift do not seem to work :(.

Amazing! ty for that~

I agree it looks amazing, but I have been unable to get this device to really work in any capacity. The midi notes it spits out are very low in velocity and do not seem to track the pitch shown via the box of notes (which does change based on the onset pitch) this is rather disappointing. also, the secondary device attached does not seem to do anything. could you either make a tutorial video for this device? or make it so the changing pitch had a mappable parameter so that we can automate things using either pitch or the modulation data?

This may be an odd request, but I have rack versions of each of these plugins that I use because I love the randomize option. Is there any way you could add a randomize button to the GUI? That would be really amazing.

oh my goodness, this is SO COOL!!!!!

So well designed... Thank you for your amazing work!!

What an amazing device. Thank you so much for sharing!


This is the best spatialization tool in Ableton, period. It's well worth the price, even if you only use the binaural settings. I think this is the future of audio.

Thank you to the team at XP for making such a comprehensive device!

truly an amazing device, you've knocked it out of the park with this one. Anyone hesitant to buy, go for it! Sequencing automation is bringing so much life (all in time too) to my synths!

wow... this is so, SO cool!!!

I have a quick question/request:

Is it possible to make the clear function sweep up the frequency spectrum instead of down? Im thinking about using it to duck some lower freqs that clash with other low-end stuff.

thanks again for working on this it's an awesome device.

Wow ! What a well-made and usable device. Thank you!

You did such an amazing job!

Idk if this is too much to ask, but a resizable/floating popout window (so you can have the device on screen while doing other stuff, or even for just looking at the graphic!) would be such an amazing addition. do you think that is possible?

-Alex (AYA)

SO well made my friend, You've got something really special here!

I love this device! I have a request tho. Is it possible to add multiple automation destinations (found in lfo/envelope follow devices) so that we can map your device to multiple other parameters?


So awesome!!! I have been doing this with other eq's using ZaSlon's note follower device:

but to have it all in one device is amazing! good job.


Amazing, thank you for updating/upgrading the device!!!

Hey Slynk! unfortunately, I am getting this error when running Erasure: dict.unpack: patchcord outlet out of range: deleting patchcord

I am using the most recent official version of Ableton 11 on an apple silicon computer.



DUDE.... amazing!!!!

Check out this CC controller for the Nymphes as well!

Maybe you and Elbo could share some of your ideas! although theirs is free.

Amazing dude, I don't have the device yet either but this absolutely makes me wanna order rn!!!


Looks amazing!!!

Yo this is amazing!

amazing work dude


Game changer, makes all music 1000 x better

Amazing as always. been using it on everything.


Holy crap dude ty!!!!!!

Dude yes... tysm for this!

You did it! So stoked to use this.

game changer! ty for your work.

Amazing as always

absolutely nuts, tysm

Amazing as always. ty!

Seriously....ty g this is amazing!!

Hey Brodiem! I love the UI and general ease of use of your plugin. I found another LFO device that has some extra capabilities, but the UI imo is not nearly as good. take a look at this video and lmk if you might be able to implement some of these features!

Also, this is just a personal preference, but if there is any way to make the popout window an option instead of necessary, that helps with workflow a ton imo, keeping the graph within the lower portion of Ableton always feels right lol.

Either way, you did an amazing job! looking forward to your next devices!

I'm absolutely loving using this dude, I cannot wait to see what else you come up with/implement!

Amazing Job h1data! This is awesome. I look forward to your next creation!

quantized Midi of course, like you stated above im sure a live input wouldn't be a good idea.

Hey Cvolm!

I've been working with this plugin non-stop and its by far one of the best devices ive found. Just like the people above though, i thought of a few things that would make the device even better/things im dying to be able to do. The first would be to be able to strum down as well as up. The second would be for the device to accept incoming midi chords being played and turn them into a strum. I'm not sure how difficult either of these additions are, but I thought i'd give you my 2 cents. Thank you for making it btw!