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@ldmdevices I continue to be a BIG FAN of Chance_Drill and some of the others.

Thank you for these simple-yet-brilliant utilities!

@iandicke This is so much fun to play with the rise/fall. It really makes the RATCHETS that more nuanced. I'm mindful of not cluttering the UI *too* much ;) but what do you think of a way to set the maximum velocity of ratchets relative to the original note?

So for example, if a note is velocity = 127, the loudest ratchet could be set to be only be 50% or 25% as loud, with everything scaled accordingly from there.

This would make it easier to have "grace notes" and other "ornaments" that surround the original note, but are more subtle.

@leisurewear Global Time continues to work as-expected, which is to say, WONDERFULLY! As it stands, for anyone searching this database, Haste is an excellent and straightforward tool for getting results with "bouncing ball"-type effects, and the UI is a clean approach I prefer over others I've tried.

Other ideas that come to mind:

(1) Would be cool to have a way to adjust the "curve bias" (similar to other models where you can make a curve more "logarithmic" or "exponential")

(2) Adding in controls for velocity (so that it can fade in/out as it hastens) would add more expressivity, too.

YESSSS! Thank you for adding the rise/fall/etc. envelope to RATCHETS in DEVIATE 1.1, this makes it a lot more expressive and interesting-sounding.

@leisurewear Ah! Marvelous! Thank you. I got the Gumroad email update too, though it didn't have a direct link to the update, I was able to login to Gumroad and get 1.1.0 from there.

Global Time is working as expected for me, YES this is what I envisioned! Increased End Time to 256.00 is also useful, thank you.

The UI is still pretty compact and clean, though one oddity: Gate, Mod Prob, and swing all have a "lilac" color filling in the knob ring when they're at 0.00%. Global Time's knob colors are different and harder to see.

@leisurewear re: (2) I wonder if one way to approach it might be a global time factor multiplier (freely specifiable as a percentage, so like slow it down to 25% or speed it up to 500%), which could add even more zany time-based fun.

@leisurewear This is fun! Could you please consider extending the usable ranges so that:

(1) End Time could be set to higher than "127.00"

(2) Internal can be set to span a longer time than ".5n"

Say for example I want to have a very gradual acceleration happen over the course of 32 bars. If there's a way to do that currently that I'm missing, let me know.


I'm on 11.0.5b6 and it's working for me, worked out-of-the-box.

@leisurewear You did good with your video! It's honest and clearly presented.

One recommendation I have for future videos is to increase the loudness of your voice, or lower the audio/music loudness, since it was hard to hear you narrate at times.

I think Haste could solve a problem I have with making sequences that need to get rather zippy, I've got to take it to extreme values.

Going to buy Haste now, thank you for creating this tool...

@leisurewear Is there a demo video yet? :)

Neat concept. Curious if it can be used for bouncing ball-style stuff and how it feels in action. Is there a demo video?

Also I think you intended to make the "URL (optional)" above go to (no "edit" at the end)

Digital Glitcher looks and sounds pretty cool. Is there a way to automatically modulate the various parameters (besides "Prob" for probability), so it can keep changing and varying? Or do I need to add another external random LFO device for that? My understanding is that a High and Low range can be set to vary divisions in between those extremes, but the Grid size looks like it doesn't change on its own?

@all4live Thanks for clarifying, I was hoping you figured a way around it.

Does this mean that these clip parameters are a lot easier to automate in the arrangement timeline, too — like any other automation?

I've been looking for an easier way to set those directly in the timeline, without having to open the clip view.

Is there a way to set it to tempo sync instead of Hz? I wonder if this would be useful to be a random/chaos auto-panner. Your video seems to show it's capable of that, any further insight?

@h1data I continue to enjoy "bouncing notes", thank you again for this gem.

Is there a way to set the total duration of the playback? For example, if I want to clamp/restrict bouncing notes to end after 4 bars? Right now in Ableton Live, I'm mainly doing some guessing and then using warping afterwards to constrain the length.

It would be great for transition effects and ramping up intensity if the total length could be specified.

Also, is there a way to reverse the direction, so that it starts out bouncing very quickly but then gets slower?

Is there a video tutorial showing how this works? :)

This is a REALLY elegant implementation of a "bouncing ball delay"-type MIDI effect! I've tried others that were harder to use, but this is easy to dive into — PLUS it's polyphonic! Thank you for sharing this, and I encourage you to keep creating M4L devices.

This is a unique yet seems-very-useful approach, to make the effects of this editable after.

Hmmm have you thought about a "wilder" version of this that can add glitch effects, like stutters and fills and other more "erratic" data? I've used various M4L MIDI tools in this vein, and I adore Chance Ten ( )... but none of them output directly to piano roll, so I have to go through laborious workarounds.

Let me know if I should reach out via email.

invisijp, any word on our last curiosities yet? :D

Is there an audio/video demo about this, to get a better understanding of how it sounds before creating an account?

I'm definitely curious to learn more. Please keep us posted on the demo video here!

invisijp, is it possible to implement a random preset generator too? Even a feature so each time it plays through a cycle, it keeps making new curve arrangements? The end-result being that no two cycles sound the same.

I’ve been looking for the most elegant way to achieve this. Others didn’t work out because they had bloated UIs and other stuff that I didn’t need in a streamlined solution. Been searching this library for the last weeks, and then you upload this — thank you! Gonna give it a go.

Panos graciously answered my questions on the YouTube video as follows:

Hello Torley, thanks for getting in touch. doesn't send any notifications for comments and I am not checking it regularly. So, thanks for the understanding :)
In regards to your questions:
1.Unfortunately no. Presets would require to create a file in your system, and after thinking much about it, I ended up that most people (including my self) wouldn't feel comfortable if a device was to create files in my system. The alternative would be to simply save the device as a device preset in live.
2. Deleting a point is something that I didn't mention. I thought people might be already used of this by using shaper, but apparently I am wrong. So my bad on this. It's simple really, hold shift and click on the point you want to delete.
3. No, as far as I know, Live does not support it in the form of this kind of musical interval syntax. If this is true (and I am not mistaken) I would have to implement a custom method, that the tradeoff would be accuracy when rounding the time interval. So, I thought keeping it simple is the best option here.
4. This is indeed a cool feature you are proposing. I am making a note on this, and when I manage to get the time to update the device, I'll do my best to implement it.
I hope that cover's it :).
Let me know if you have any further questions!

Friendly greetings Panosla, this looks like a very promising device to achieve bouncing ball and ramping-type MIDI effects. Thank you for sharing your work.

I like the UI, with a neon and gray color scheme. I'm trying the demo and have a few questions:

(1) Does the full version have presets?

(2) How do I delete a control point? I expect double-clicking and the same UI conventions as Ableton, but it's not working. I don't see how in the ? help.

(3) Can you add higher note values, even 1024n ? Though it appears I can add grid resolution as well.

(4) It would be nice to have a control to reverse, or mirror the graph. Some roller effects sound very cool when they're symmetrical.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience (I didn't see a contact email elsewhere), and thank you.