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Transposing the key via Midi would be awesome

Are the waveforms in teh video just a visual thing for the demo? can we choose between sine or saw? can't find the option. Nice work!

For some reason is not outputting anything when turning my track selection to sends, the device does receive the input though I remember the chance button is to avoid writing my own MUTE pattern.._

Is NOTE in the generator makes random patterns?

Actually I know create a clip ( I thought it would make the clip on his own and notes are created BUt need to understand how to short the clip as it goes really looong

I downloaded what is available here so should it be the latest? I put your max patch in a midi channel followed by a vst or Live instrument in the same channel and click on render after few adjustment but nothing.. that is also for the Chord I must doing something wrong

Unfortunately is not working on my Live 11 neither on my 10 version, placed in a midi channel front a VST but is not rendering no matter what I click?

Unfortunately on my Live 11 the plugin window still hide despite the preferences set to OFF so I can't drag any wavefile

Is that Ableton Live mirrored on your IPAD? how does it work?

How cool would be somthing like this but for the Digitakt ..

The Max function Createdevice returned with error 6 Device Broken :( ?

Thanks but the mk3 comes with preset for the user page different from the previous one, now they ship the grid with a pre custom page such as Drum Keys ( that usually was user 2 ) and a user page empty but customizable through their component software.. sadly is not happening

Hi, Is there any chance that this could be updated to run Live 10 and launchpad Mini mk3? Thank you

Is launchpad mini mk3 ok for this patch?

Hi, any chance of a video? I just can't make it happen..the receiver is set close to my instrument and the sequrncer on hi own midi track but even if I put the sequrnceer in the same Midi instrument it just don't I doing wrong?