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About weightausend: Programmer and Sound Designer based in Italy.
All the devices I make are the result of personal research.
If you want to support please check out my releases on Bandcamp! they also show what my devices are capable of since I use them extensively in my productions. Deeply into the connection between sound & topology..

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Devices by weightausend

FLEX Pro Version 1.5
NEXT Version 1.5
FLEX Lite Version 1.0
POLYDRIP2 Version 1.0
POLYDRIP Version 1.0
MIDI CHOP Version 1.0
Sample Mower 1.4 Version 1.4.1
ULTRACHOP Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,542

Comments by weightausend


love this!

finally some good simple gen stuff..

Improved GUI and UX

thank you man.

Added drag&drop function..

Hi Freddy, thanks for your feedback. The drag and drop function might be a bug - I didn't really mean to activate such feature - but in your case it appears that the drag and drop actually affects the wavetable buffer... which could be an actual feature. I'll add the drag and drop feature for the Audio Sample though, cheers!

it's all free now guys

Link fixed. Sorry guys

well @M4L, I changed it but it's free if you provide an e-mail to the creator as specified on the website.