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About weightausend: Programmer and Sound Designer based in Italy


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Devices by weightausend

FLEX Pro Version 1.5
NEXT Version 1.5
4096 SampleToWavetable Converter Version 0.2
POLYDRIP Version 1.0
MIDI CHOP Version 1.0
W.I.S.E.ino Version 1.0
ULTRACHOP Version 1.0
4096 WaveTable Mouse Drawer Version 0.1
W.I.S.E. Version 1.0
TOPoSEQret Version 0.4
Big Ghost Prototype - Standalone App Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 3,321

Comments by weightausend


@NeuroNoNeuro thanks for your support!!

@FreddyFingaz I read your message and I plan to test it by tomorrow on 2 intel based systems and let you know.

Hey @saus.
thank you for your suggestions and feedback, I'm glad you like it.
I hope to roll out the next features soon, they will include:
- Wavetable drawing + integration (near real-time change)
- more speed controls
- reverse

The stretch algorithm is on WIP. it's very long to port from Plogue Bidule.

As for the "always in key" this is an extremely difficult feature I've been trying to implement in another synth prototype, focused on harmony rather than grooves. this is because Wave integration applied to harmony follows a different set of concepts, it's mathematically way less linear. Live audio with buffer is something I'm also working on, but it'll take some time for that too. So I'll focus on groove atm.

What do you mean by "halfspeed" though? you mean lower speed when it comes to the modulation? it should very easy to implement.

As for the IRCAMax I know they are great, but I try to keep myself distant from that school of thought.

very cool device. works flawlessly also on Ableton 10.1.43

so cool

very interesting!!


nice!! keep up with the work!

@maokus thank you! that's the vibe;)

I use it along with Ableton arpeggiator or MIDI echo.. also you can send additional MIDI Notes via MIDI Clip since it passes data through. Thanks!
it's really nothing special or overcomplicated, just something I use for myself and wanted to share

@Syn it's not normal:) and it's free..
I should have solved the issue of the display number in version 0.3, please let me know as this is my first MIDI Device since years....

love this!

finally some good simple gen stuff..

Improved GUI and UX

thank you man.

Added drag&drop function..

Hi Freddy, thanks for your feedback. The drag and drop function might be a bug - I didn't really mean to activate such feature - but in your case it appears that the drag and drop actually affects the wavetable buffer... which could be an actual feature. I'll add the drag and drop feature for the Audio Sample though, cheers!