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Name/Version: Autonomia 0.4.1
Author: ntrm  
Description: Autonomia is a clone of the Intellijel Metropolis with a few small enhancements and modifications.

The sequencer includes all of the features of the Metropolis, including all the direction modes (including the "fixed" modes, skips, slides, step division, ratchets, and more. These are the ways in which Autonomia differs from Metropolis:

- Clock is based on Live's transport, BPM, and time signature
- Accepts and produces MIDI (obviously)
- Swing feature replaced with a "loose" feature that I think is more musically useful. Loose uses randomness to add a non-robotic feel to the sequence.
- Velocity feature that allows the feature to vary the amplitude of the receiving synth
- Aux modulation ports accept CCs, modulation destinations have been adapted from the Eurorack format to MIDI/M4L format
- Note transpose parameter (Sending a MIDI note to the device will transpose the sequence, independently of this parameter)

- For Slide to work correctly, you must use a synth that accepts high resolution pitch bend and send the Bend Range parameter on Autonomia to match the synth's pitch bend range. For best results, use the highest value allowed by the synth.


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Downloads: 337
Tags sequencer, push
Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.5.3
Date Added: Mar 06 2023 23:39:01
Date Last Updated: Mar 19 2023 21:40:35
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Autonomia.amxd


Now we're onto something good!!Thanks. Downloaded!

thanks a lot for sharing this. have watched your youtubes for a while now. awesome stuff.

I have Live 11.2.10 Suite installed and Autonomia.amxd says it needs Max 8.5 minimum to run. I tried to install Max 8.5.3 from to make Autonomia work. What should I do to make it work?? Would reinstalling live 11.2.10 Suite help?

@syn thanks for letting me know! I've uploaded a new version 0.1.1 that requires Max 8.3 or higher instead of 8.5. I believe that should work with Live 11.2.10. Please download the new version of the device and let me know if that works - thanks!


Damn. No Live 10 :(

Thank you so much Philip for sharing this and your YT tutorials!

updated version uploaded with the following changes

--Bug Fixes--
* Reverse direction mode offset by 1 step
* Ping Pong Fixed direction mode was the same as Forward Fixed
* Updated minimum Max version to 8.3
* Slide doesn't slide as expected

* Added Note Reset button to reset input MIDI note transposition
* Added support for Push with live.banks
* Velocity Range supports Live automation

great one ! thanks for sharing this :)

First, thank you so much for your amazing work on this wonderful device and for your generosity in sharing it with us. There are several things to fix... For example: in the chromatic scale, every B note in every octave is actually a Bb... ( Mac M1 Pro, Monterey, Ableton 11.2.10, Max 8.3.3 )

Same problem for the Xpose parameter... every 1/2 tone before transposing one octave up is actually a whole tone. Thanks.

@babsynth thanks for reporting the issue. i did fix some transposition issues recently. could you download the latest version and let me know if you still see the issue? i?ll also test on my end

@ntrm Sorry for the delay...!! I tried the latest version 0.4 but the problem is still there. If we consider a C chromatic scale, in the Pitch knobs of the sequencer, every B in all octaves is actually a Bb. Same problem for transposition (Xpose)... when you transpose, for example, the C chromatic scale, every B is actually a Bb.

Updated version 4.0.1 fixes the issue described by @babasynth (thanks @babasynth!)

fwiw it was simply a matter of replacing a loadbang with live.thisdevice!

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