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Draw MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Blocks MIDI Generator Version 1.0
Condition Transform MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Develop MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Pattern Transform MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Divs MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Feel MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Segment MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Turing Machine MIDI Generator Version 1.0
Polyrhythm MIDI Generator Version 1.0
Shift MIDI Transformer Version 1.0
Phase Pattern MIDI Generator Version 1.0
Autonomia Version 0.5.3
8 Euclidean Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,966

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@LarsLyd definitely agree! i missed that one in live.banks. Fixed and uploaded to the gumroad:

as for standalone - yeah, I've heard that. I don't know why to be honest with you. There are no 3rd-party externals in the device. It may have something to do with the pictctrl-based UI objects or something else.

@benway thanks! this is now fixed.

and thanks @oddeo : )

@oddeo i don’t think max for live devices are supported on push standalone, for now at least. i could be wrong about that

Version 0.5 uploaded that fixes an issue when more than 1 Autonomia device is used in the same Ableton session. Thanks to Erwin for reporting this issue.

@hatyn great suggestions!

funny, my friend has the M185 and I used it for the first time - those other gate modes are cool!

what i was thinking about maybe trying is having a little euclidean pattern generator that is tied to the repeat mode. so for when the gate mode is REPEAT, there is a second slider/dial that sets the event density to generate the euclidean pattern.

Updated version 4.0.1 fixes the issue described by @babasynth (thanks @babasynth!)

fwiw it was simply a matter of replacing a loadbang with live.thisdevice!

@babsynth thanks for reporting the issue. i did fix some transposition issues recently. could you download the latest version and let me know if you still see the issue? i’ll also test on my end

updated version uploaded with the following changes

--Bug Fixes--
* Reverse direction mode offset by 1 step
* Ping Pong Fixed direction mode was the same as Forward Fixed
* Updated minimum Max version to 8.3
* Slide doesn't slide as expected

* Added Note Reset button to reset input MIDI note transposition
* Added support for Push with live.banks
* Velocity Range supports Live automation

@syn thanks for letting me know! I've uploaded a new version 0.1.1 that requires Max 8.3 or higher instead of 8.5. I believe that should work with Live 11.2.10. Please download the new version of the device and let me know if that works - thanks!