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there's a 23 db level drop when instantiating the device. no taps active etc. not sure what's going on there. not sure why the level would drop so much just from putting the device on a track. i have a drum loop that peaks at just below 0db. when i put this device on that track level drops to -23db. selecting dots on the grid raises the volume some but still doesn't make sense. also, seems by default the delays are active even when no dots on the grid are selected. so to turn them off have to select some dots then deselect them.

link doesn't work. goes to empty page that says the product could not be found.

thanks a lot for sharing this. have watched your youtubes for a while now. awesome stuff.

a device sold at a premium price should not only sound amazing but should have a premium GUI. i know this sounds kinda dickish but you should at a minimum subscribe to music and watch the tutorial on making M4L guis. it's really helpful. your device, at that price, would have the be the best thing since sliced bread for me to tolerate that interface. sorry man. i know it's a bit harsh but ya can't charge $50 and not have a GUI like Kentaro.

^^ same. came here to post that. content is missing. clicking "view content" does not go to a page w/a download.

nice. thanks for this.

issue is fixed. correct file is uploaded :)

the wrong file is uploaded at gumroad. bought clip-a-me but when it takes me to the download the file presented is 'LFO Lava"

looks interesting but sadly won't work on apple silicon machines. j.loader isn't available.

youtube video is set to private. also $99?

didn't crash live but is a bit sluggish and slow to load on MacOS Monterey/Apple Silicon. latest live/max

nice one thanks.

this looks great. nice work. is it a midi device or audio device?

thanks for the discount code!

i'm not trying to diminish your work. they're interesting devices. there are similar devices with similar functions for $10-$15 and some others with fewer features that are free.

commercial M4L devices are a difficult market to figure out for developers because there are so many things in existence and though it takes time to make a good device the 'premium' level devices are still only $20-$25 and they're quite special like and there's also some great devices on isotonik studio's page like "Modulat" that are expensive but are sample accurate patching environments for modulating anything. they also have many M4L packs and devices

I wish you all the success with your devices but i fear at those prices you will have a tough time.

interesting devices. kinda spendy though.

url is busted. "Failed to open page"

Moffenzeef modular has a hardware version sort of like this. Bad Idea 1800 call your mum

any chance you can do demos w/o the feedback so high so it can be heard in more typical use instead of just mangling audio?

this instantly crashes live when i drag it onto a midi track. latest max/live on OS X high sierra.

interesting sequencer. any thoughts on more waveforms for the LFOs? random? random glide? it would be interesting to influence the gate on/off somehow w/the lfos as well.

trying to download the update but gumroad has crapped the bed. will try later. thanks for a really useful device.

thanks! I have and still use your other sequencers.. matrix, uncanny etc.. if you ever do updates for those i'd buy them again.

is this same/different as audiomodern random riff generator ??

is this same/different as audiomodern random riff generator ??

cool. will check this out asap :) thanks

let me get my tinfoil hat

thank you!!!

Are there any parameters to adjust or is it just placed on a track in ableton? I've read your site and nothing is any clearer.

is it april 1st again? what is this thing? seems like a joke or scam.

great devices. wish his website was better though. currently a PITA to get updates to devices.