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Cool device, deals with a major omission in live and then some. But one weird thing I've noticed, it seems like the device blocks MPE information? Slides and expression don't seem to work when it's in front of a max instrument, but once it's switched off MPE works as expected.

Cool device ... but, it seems like the swing behaviour is a bit odd and possibly bugged?

Hi! Great device, but as above doesn't seem to work in standalone mode. Guessing it's based on an external that currently isn't supported, so might or might not be possible in future.

Another small point, looks to me like D is unavailable as a root note in the device - the dropdown skips straight from C# to D#

Works pretty well - just one small feature request, a send button so that I can save presets in live then send all the parameters to the JU-06 after loading.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me and for all your work on this. I wasn't very clear in my post, though - my patty's front panel isn't working properly even when I amn't connected via usb/midi. The only things that work are the buttons to change the knobs to a particular parameter, which displays ok, but the knobs don't control it - I can't change the oscillators' octaves either.

The master menu works as normal and I am able to change the number of the preset, although the preset itself doesn't change. So it's like:

01 *patch name*
02 *same patch name and parameters*

But everything works fine in M4L, I can change paramaters and patches no problem. I just tried uploading the firmware 3.21.690 again, but the problem persists. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Thanks for this, working really well for me so far.

Hi there. Thanks for the patch, it's great. Except...

I've encountered this weird problem where the front panel has locked up and only shows the last accessed preset - I can use the value knob to change it, but the same one shows up from 1-99.

I can also access the master menu without a problem.

But there's no problem changing presets and paramaters over usb through M4L. It's very strange. I'm reluctant to do a factory reset and lose my patches, don't suppose anything like this has happened to anyone else?