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Nice work. already had a one hour jam with it. made me understand the sequencer even more. it could be nice with the Swing amount in the Push bank in a update :)

thank you so much for this!

another gem! thank for u this. luv that I can use my own samples to mangle and create new sounds. keep up the good work

hi a200xeaf. u welcome. thanks for the update! already making nice noisey sounds.

Love this kind of device ! but I wish it was possible to map the parameters for live/jams

Hey. Love this sequencer already! Great Work !
but I really wish it was possible to midi mapping the paramaters. Especiel for live use or jam use...
made a track only Phasing a the one & only sequencer.

Yo.. no midi signal is still not coming thru... Love the idea. hope you will look into it again :)

please update this so it works :)