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@shinytheshiny, thank you very much for your advice but it still doesn't work for me... I copied the the two IR folders and the device in user library Max Audio Effect folder, but when I open the device, the message "Java is not installed on this computer" still appears. Do I need to install Java?

Same here, convolution and noise don't work... At the top of the device this message appears: "Java is not installed on this computer"...

Ableton 11.3.3, Macbook M1 Pro

@ntrm Sorry for the delay...!! I tried the latest version 0.4 but the problem is still there. If we consider a C chromatic scale, in the Pitch knobs of the sequencer, every B in all octaves is actually a Bb. Same problem for transposition (Xpose)... when you transpose, for example, the C chromatic scale, every B is actually a Bb.

Same problem for the Xpose parameter... every 1/2 tone before transposing one octave up is actually a whole tone. Thanks.

First, thank you so much for your amazing work on this wonderful device and for your generosity in sharing it with us. There are several things to fix... For example: in the chromatic scale, every B note in every octave is actually a Bb... ( Mac M1 Pro, Monterey, Ableton 11.2.10, Max 8.3.3 )

Any chance to hear it/see it in action?

Ah cool! Thank you! This arp/sequencer is very good... It would be super-cool to have a presets system.

No output for me as well...

I would like to give it a try but it's en empty file...

@Edd Excellent! Thank you!

Any chance to hear it/see it in action?

Fantastic! Thank u Rico!

Any chance you do a little demo?

Ops I see, sorry... Thank you!

Impossible to download it for free... something is wrong

Thank you!! Lovely devices!

I mean... your device is supposed to map directly to a parameter without any other additional action or device right?

Yes I'm on Live 11.

When I play notes I can see the different values changing on the device but I can't map it to any parameter...

Download link is broken.

Yes, I'm on Mac. Many thanks for solving it quickly! Pretty cool filter!

I think there's something wrong. I can't load it in Live.

Perfect! Now it works. Thank you very much for this awesome device!

Hi! I can't see pattern and velocity grids in version 1.1. It didn't happen with version 1. Could you fix it please? Thanks!