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Name/Version: monomeemu
Author: soundflower  
Description: monome emulator for Novation Launchpad.


While using other mode(sessin, user1 or mixer), button trigger is sent to the host app.

Speed up the return from other modes to user2 during the performance.

When using a other mode(session, user1 mixer), LED states are mixed.
when receive port is changed, port number of bonjour is not reset.

If you use autoconfig, often Ableton crashes.

* 8 Emulator Devices(monome64 ,128 or 256)
* 6 Launchpads
* Multi Color Device
* autoConfigration
* autoFocus

Operating Instructions:

Old and stable versions(v0.9.3)

monomeemu discussion at monome official website:
(Thanks le k!)

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Downloads: 16892
Tags sequencer, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 21 2009 06:34:48
Date Last Updated: Feb 17 2010 09:51:23
Average Rating (15) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: monomeemu0.9.6a5.amxd


Have been testing it,here my report :

working with stretta monome suite patches (autofocus track too).
bug: lights bugs while you switch from user 2 to user 1 or session or mixer, the lights are freezed to preview state from user 2.

Not working correctly with 7up. The seven core givez the big 7 when starting, lights from looper (1) seems to work, but you can't change from bank 1 (looper) to the others 7 banks.

I'm sure you can fix all of that in the next versions :)

it works with APC?

wont download


thank your bug reports.
I will work to fix bugs.


i don't have apc40.
support only for launchpad.

In order to use 7up you'll need to do the following
1. load monomeEmu device, and you select launchpad and user2 mode.
2. set Prefix'7up' on monomeEmu.
3. load sevenUpCore device, and you click 'start/stop connections' button only once.

7up will working with monomeEmu correctly.

when you can not change nav menu, please check max window on M4L.
if java exceptions or Errors string is occured, please reboot your live.

udp(osc) server initializing process on 7up is slow.
when you click 'start/stop connections' button repeatedly, Java Exception will throw.
old osc process would continue to send packet.


thx for the details,

I'm gonna check it again.

7up works fine on user2 mode with 7up, but still have screen display issues when i switch to the others mode (sessions, mixer or user1), the leds are mixed between the mode and the 7up page. Pretty annoying. I don't have that issue with nonome.
Am I the only one?

sorry to ask this, but i bought the launchpad today. i've had a lot of experience with music production, software devices, etc. and i only recently downloaded max for live. I can't figure out head to toe from max/msp. I've never seen anything like it before, and although i understand what it does, and its signal flow, i don't understand the "terminal-type" part of it. So, can you please tell me how to use monomeEmu in Ableton Live? what does "Set Prefix" mean? And what "Prefix" am I supposed to set? Once again, sorry to ask this, but after much experience with production, I am back to being a noob again!! Haha!!
Thank you for you help :)


I released fixed version.
Please try latest Patch(0.9.1).


Prefix is unique key for that Launchpad communicate to host application.
You must specify 'same Prefix' for each other to communicate.

Please read monome documents.
In this document, monomeserial is monomeEmu for launchpad.

monome application list is here.

My English is so poor, I can not describe in detail.
Please enjoy.


Just tested 0.9.1 with 7 up it works like a charm!!
No more display leds bugs!
Fantastic :)
Congratulation, wonderful job!
No need a third party application to run my launchpad as monome emulation, thx santa claus :)

I tested also 7 up + stretta monome suite into the same set with your patch still can't have both of them controlable, stretta takes the advantage, but that is normal, see there:

So next, this what i would like to be able to do:
-using user1 as a second independant (different prefix and adress) monome emulation. God, hope someone will work on that!

Hi, first of all thanks for the patch, with this update I get a big latency, what do I do wrong?
Please let me know if you can, I will be grateful.
Thank you in advance.

i get latency with looper on 7up.not sure if its 7up or the monome patch.

haven't noticed latency.


>>"using user1 as a second independant monome emulation."
it's great idea!!
I'm working for the next version.
but I'm not too much time:(

@abletenor, djflash, lek

Fundamentally, Launchpad and M4L have hi-latency more than monome...
If Launchpad handle large volumes of osc messages at once, LED updates might be delayed.
Also, for the same reason, responses of button pads might be delayed.

Live API process on M4L is much slower than monome osc/serail communication speed.
Launchpad uses low-speed USB(it take 200 milliseconds to update all LED on Launchpad).
monome OSC Message style is inefficient(for example、 1 OSC message"/led_row" is convert to 8 messages that Launchoad can understand).

Without M4L, nonome approach(communication with midi) may be best way、if you focus on speed.

@ soundflower

Hi, I didn't get any latency with the first realese of your patch, it worked fine for me with all the patches (7 up, monome suite etc etc)
Since last realese of your patch was causing latency I went back to the nonome launchpad edition with max msp runtime.
Is there any chance to have your first patch back?
If you can email to me that will be very nice from you.
This is my email ""
By the way merry christmas, and thanks.
Sorry to bother you.


I sent email.




Glad you like my "user1" idea :)
I would love to play with stretta and 7up in the same set, damn!

About latency, thx for the technical details (which let me think more and more i want a monome....), but as i said i haven't noticed latency with your last patch.....gonna test again and again if i find out something.

again about multi patch with monome, check teaser of upcoming release of monoroute, it might give you maybe some ideas about m4l integration:

I'm up to test all kind of patches if you need it, ask for my email if you want.

Thanks for sharing this!

The only problem I'm having with 7up is no blinking light for the sub-navigation buttons. Hard to move around between the different compononents. Anyone else having this problem??


@ lek

thank you:)
I'm testing monoroute with my monome.

@ disco3000

Please press the solid light button(showing current mode) once, and press a different mode button.

but if you change mode....

Please check Max window, right click on M4L device.
if java exceptions or Errors is occured, please reboot your ableton live.

thanks for all the quick updates soundflower - i went straight from v0.9 to v0.9.1.1 and it was a phenomenal performance improvement!

i also wanted to add a +1 to lek's 'user 1' suggestion. i'm currently using the 'session' and 'mixer' mode on the launchpad as a standard clip controller. 'user 2' mode controls 7up - mainly the looper function.

it would be cool to setup 'user 1' to control another M4L app such as stretta's suite or another killer patch that has yet to be developed ;-) so many possibilities this will bring.

anyway, just wanted to show some appreciation and offer more encouragement - i think many users will be using this patch on a daily basis!

I'm actually getting better results with the led's now having switched from "multicolor" to "64" on the 7up core....

Thanks again Soundflower--this is a great patch and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops...

@ soundflower and @ all M4L user

I found out why the latency occurs, not only with your patch but also with many M4L patches and I also realized that most of M4L preset are broken and Live is not working proprerly as usual.
The problem is the new update of MAX to 5.1.1 that doesn't work properly with the latest version of LIVE 8.1.
The solution is to go back to the oldest version of MAX 5, or download the new beta version of LIVE.
You can find details and download version of MAX and LIVE here:

Thank you soundflower for the effort of the new update patch.
All the best.

@ disco3000

Thanks for reporting.
I didn't know MultiColorDevice option.
I'll see the details of MultiColorDevice option.
And if possible, I would like to support.

@ abletenor

Thank you for useful information.
I'm still using the old version.

I've uploaded 0.9.2alpha and old versions to google code.

Please try.

0.9.2alpha --support multi-device emulation
To switch virtual two devices, use the buttons "vol" and "pan" on left side navi.

On user1 mode, M4L can't get the button matrix input...
I'm wondering:(

I'm working on "MultiColorDevice option".

soundflower still in da place!
great, i'm gonna test 0.9.2 multi device emulation right now and give you a report.
About user1 mode, I'm pretty sure we have to change launchpad python code to get it working...

great and well working tool - what i wonder is how i can save a setup with 7up in Live

if save the session the prefix is set back to default, same happens for presets - if i change the Maxpatch to the default prefix 7up the whole thing doesn't work any more (doesn't send anything to the Launchpad anymore)

Any advices?

I've uploaded v0.9.2a2 & monomeemuQuad.

Quad devices emulation patch.

Support multi-device emulation
Support autofocus of stretta monome suite.
LED color is editable.
Add quad devices emulation.
Support mutliColorDevice option of 7up.
In 7up, monome64 and multiColorDevice can be used either.

To switch virtual quad devices, use the buttons "vol", "pan", "sendA" and "sendB" on left side navi.

@ verstaerker

monomeemu is not yet implemented a way to save the preset.
When I've finished implementation of features, I will work.

@ soundflower

dude, you re a champion!
0,9,2 works like a charm, I tested it with 7up + several monome suite patches (few obo, 1 or 2 polygome...), and it works!!!
oh my god, this is absolutely brilliant, i was expecting something like that since 1 month :)
and the color choice between the both emulation is just awesome!

best way to get it working:
change adress on sevenup core to 8001 / 8081 , put 7up for prefix and use monome02 .
Don't change anything on monome01, you ll use it with monome stretta suite, easier with autfocus/track and the original adress (8000/8080).

Put autofocus on monomeemu for the both.

- I ve got some little glitch or slow sometimes when i change from 1 stretta patch to an other one,'s maybe about my plugin buffer, I must check it.
- I have had 7up freezed once.

I'm going to test it again and again and report all kind of bugs.

Maybe in a future version will have a chance to get a 8 monome selector emulation...? Or maybe we can't cause launchpad port is too slow compare to a true monome.

Whatever, I think this patch would be also really interesting for thoses who want to develop a multi monome application in live like monoswith or monoroute but integrated in m4l


What did you eat for dinner today Soundflower, LION???!!!!

monomeEmu discussion at monome official website:

awesome! thanks for the hard work soundflower...can't wait to try this out after work. this sounds like one bad-ass tool!

@ lek

Thanks for new discussion thread and alpha testing!!


Thanks to lek and soundflower :) This is incredible!!!

All the pleasure is for me :)
You did such a good work with monomeEmu, really incredible.
I'm still up for testing all kind of features or new patches, just ring the bell :)
I also have a bunch of ideas for new patches, but not able to program in code, maybe in the future....

Thank you for this patch... it does seem that when switching between different stretta patches via autofocus, it doesn't clear the old led matrix so theres a lot of overlapping.

Also, it appears that sometimes it turns the track autofocus off. Going to look into this and see if I can fix it.

Amazing work!

@ malkomalko

Thanks for your reporting.

I've uploaded v0.9.2a3
when you turn on/off autofocus or multicolor, LED will be initialized(light off).

I can implement thad LED will be initialized when autofocus message("/sys/prefix hoge") received from monome patch.
But that may be unexpected behavior.

"... it does seem that when switching between different stretta patches via autofocus, it doesn't clear the old led matrix so theres a lot of overlapping....
you're right, same for me, still.

Because there is no fatal problem, I will release v0.9.2.

v0.9.2 and v0.9.2a3 diff:
Add annotations of info view in Live.

monomeemu is great! I am using my launchpad to control sevenup through monomeemu and most everything is working alright. However, when I use the looper there seems to be some latency issues. When I switch to a certain spot on a loop sometimes it will not even play the loop or even play a different weird sound. Anyone know what's going on here?


7up has the latency problem with MAX 5.1.1.

Please check this thread.

@ soundflower

keep up the good work.
really appreciate it
thank you very much indeed.
you're great!!!

fellas, sorry about this but does anyone have a fools guide to setting this up and getting it going with 7up apps please? I'm a rubbish techy!


Please check this video:)

@ soundflower

nice 1 bruv, will try it tonight ;)

great work soundflower! as a max newbee, after 4 hours of getting to know m4l i was able to set up the monomeemu nicely with lots of monome patches. i noticed that working with max devices i often need various midichannels in live. so here is my dumb question: i have a live set with 16channels(8audio+8midiinstruments). can i map 16 monome patches to those channels withinn the novation launchpad? e.q. 8xmlr on user1 and 8x7up on user2?


On user1 mode, button input is automatically mapped to MIDI.
M4L can't get button input.
I hope to be available user1 mode...

@ sondflower

sorry mate - at 0.07 on your video when autoconfig is pressed on 7up - mine doesnt change osc prefix/osc host - any idea why pls?


Please use v2.0.4 or later of 7up.
and if you use windows, you need to install Bojour service package.

Please check here.

all systems go :D - it was my firewall blocking bonjour. much love soundflower = legend

Help, I'm new to monomeemu land
I have two computer in the studio and a laptop on the road the same versions, etc., only windows on it is different, studio w7, laptop xp. So everything istalliert on both computer and copied all the same. 7up2.0.4 and monomeemu 096a5 my studio computer with w7 works perfect with monomeemu, 7up stepper goes looper all

my laptop XP>> start 7 up and monomeemu click on monomeemu to LP1, the light runs once around the outside autoconect also runs all right. I can not choose the multicolor device, I click on start connection and I'm still waiting for the 7

w7 on my pc, I can choose multicolor, and also see the 7 on my launchpad


use a translator I hope you understand that


Please right click mouse on monomeemu and choose open MAX window.
Now try to start monomeemu and 7up and see if any errors are written to the window.

In the Max window

Under Message: Unable to create JVM

Under Object: live object,
under Message: call set_mode 2: no vaild object set

the red-backed now I just texted

Hello Alien again.
Have informed me what JVM is. Did the JVM on the Java page tested. Java page says everything ok.

alien again again

java page say everything is OK but in Max Window still Unable to Create JVM


first of all Id like to say thank you for the emu again! Its cool to use it together with 7up. But in case of the m4l stretta suite I got some problems.. sorry for bothering with this..I read the thread soundflower pointed to "
In this document, monomeserial is monomeEmu for launchpad." but somehow couldn't find out how to adress the diffrent midiInstruments from stretta. As far as I understood it should all happen automatically. I m running the current Emu of Soundflower and the current stretta release, nothing else in my project. I use 1 of 2 LP as 64 device. Im a beginner with this so my silly question is, do I have to set the prefix and match the host/listener? Im confused cause I don't find any autoconfig buttons an the stretta mididevices. Could somebody point me to a thread or has some experiences?


I found this operating Instruction:

I was busy at work.


please install Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later.
reinstall Max 5.1.3.
copy jars from 7up folder.

7up discussion is here.
you will find out details.


more details:

please check!!

Hi there,

This is a really wonderful device you've put together, props to you for the work.

I'm experiencing the latency issue with 7up, using max 5.1.3 and ableton 8.1.1. About 500 ms to start with and then getting worse as time goes on.

I've noticed that the threads above seem to indicate the problem was fixed in 5.1.2, but for me this seems not to be the case.

I wonder what it could be?


Sorry, I still use Max5.1.2(and ableton8.1.1).
Max 5.1.2 is stable and no problem.

Please use "Multi Color Device" mode on 7up.

5 stars device, thanks soundflower!

This is a pretty awesome device, man. Could it be used without the monome software? I mean as a way to increase the number of presets on an LP? I thought for a bit that it could be used to multiply the User 2 mode by 4 pages (using the red arrow buttons) and then multiply each of the those 4 pages by using the round side buttons.

Is there a way to do this inside of Live/M4L? It would mean translating the output from the MonomeEmu into midi, and routing it back into Live... Please tell me this can be done!


this patch is optimized for monome OSC message format.
so, can not use MIDI or your custom OSC message.

but you can customize this patch...
if you use MIDI, i think that simple to use user1 mode.

I wouldn't have a clue where to start... :-( I understand that this device transmits to different Monome devices but how to make it transmit out of Live and back in as a midi message??????

hi there soundflower, first of all, thanks very much for your work
second, a question: I've installed monoemu, bonjour, 7up... and everything seems to be ok. But when I try the last step in your video, activating 7up, nothing happens in monoemu nor my launchpad :-( Any idea?

I have followed the instructions to install this wonderful piece of software. Bonjour, Java, and the CNMAT extensions were installed along with Live 8.14 and Max/MSP 5.10 with support for M4L, the monomeemu, and 7up onto a fresh installation of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
The monomeemu works just like on the instruction video - well, almost...
...The top four directional buttons work just fine, as do all of the 8 side buttons but NONE of the pads seem to work when pressed! The pads all light up although there seems to be some delay that is introduced into the display of the LED's every 4 to 5 bars.
I have seen videos on YouTube showing the Launchpad working very well in a similar configuration as mine so chances are that I am NOT doing something right. Imagine that! I will appreciate any help anyone can provide in getting this to work properly. Thank you in advance for this magnificent piece of software and many thanks to anyone who may be able to provide any guidance to help me fix this problem.
BTW: I am running all of this in a Dell Studio XPS 1645 with an i7 processor and 8GB RAM.

Hi soundflower , i use every day your tool and everything work great. Nothing else than thank you for this really damn good tool. A lot.

For people who encounter troubleshooting... did you really tried to solve it and understand what s wrong to the way you use it ?. Try as hard as you can if you really interested but leave developpers ... develop and stop asking the same stupid suedtion like "how it work" .cause everything is explained by many guys who solved thid kind of question

Google is your friend.

Great device, Soundflower! Working perfectly with my lauchpad. THanks!

I'm trying to get this up and running. I've had success using M4L devices. I'm trying to use Molar - it is a VST. I've entered the prefix, but the launchpad signals are not recognized in Molar. Any suggestions?

Just trying to sort out where I am messing this up. For some reason my launchpad recognizes the changes along the arrows and the right column arrows....but I don't quite understand how to get this to work as a step sequencer. Looking for this idea:

Each row is a note...each column is a step. Some ability to scroll up the key notes or down as needed and possibly to expand past 8 steps would be ideal. Is this within the ability of this programs setup or should I keep an eye out for more of a script setup? Just thought I'd ask here.

Hi, i got an issue with monomeemu or maybe the launchpad itself.
i used the monome emulator many times but suddenly it stopped working.

When i connect (LP1), the lights on the launchpad light up as normal. But i can't get no input in usermode 2. At least no pad input. I can change the emulator and all (vol pan snd ...). When i press a pad, i only see "out" flickering orange. But no "in". I checked the midisetting, reinstalled usb driver, redownloaded monomeemu.

The launchpad works fine itself. User mode 1 works as usual for example.

I didn't change any system or midi setting.

edit: i tried to use it with an older live version and it works well there. i compared the setting but couln'd find a difference. It worked in the newer version of live before... I was with a friend some days ago and i wanted to use my launchpad with the monomeemu on his computer. Same issue, no in LED in monomeemu is flickering and it worked on his setup before. All he changed was, that he installed an APC20. We disconnected all hardware but nothing changed.

I know, this isn't the place to ask questions about the monomeemu, but i thought, that it maybe has something to do with the launchpad drivers or that someone here had the same issue

thx for the help

Hello, I downloaded the momomeemu and I can not use, you can help me?

Doesn't seem to work with max 6



Hello, thanks for this great patch.
I'm having some big trouble with this.
My Launchpad doesn't show on the list on the left, " LP1 " doesn't light up.

I'm on Osx 10.7.3, Live 8.2.6 and Max 6.

Im the Max Windows appears this message:

"js: getLaunchpad.js: Javascript TypeError: "control_surfaces" is not a function, line 12
js: error calling function init"

thanks again!

Same here...any solution?

Probably we should go back to MAx5 RT?


Hello same here don?t work with max 6!

Hello there,

I can confirm it does not work with Max 6 as M4L editor in Live.
Now that we have Live 9 and we can upgrade to the standard version keeping M4L and receiving the new devices, it would be great to have a version of monomeemu that works with max6.

Anyone would like to take on the challenge?


Anyone con fix it for max 6?

Hello All !
I have a Launchpad Mini and it's not working.
First there is the js object at the beginning who filter the devices, and who are looking only for launchpad. But maybe after in the patch there is other part who need to be change to be compatible with a Launchpad Mini.

If someone can help me with that I will be glad to use this patch with a LP Mini :D

Cheers !

I'm also hoping to get it working with Launchpad Mini

Plz help !!

Is there any detailed instructions somewhere online? Thx in advance. :)

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