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Hmm zip folder is empty when I download. : (

My max 7 was installed but not pointing to folder inside of live. Transport works fine. Any chance warping could be added to this? Great as is but just wondering ya know.

Great device! Works so well with the endless encoders on push.

The only issue so far is transpose doing nothing to the sounds.

I will check for other things as well but,... bravo!


where is this moo device?

Any chance this will be updated for version 9? Thanks for your awesome patch btw.

I must be crazy because I have never seen these in the menu.
Maybe I had an old version. Thank you sir.


Up to 2, 4 or even 8 bars would be icing on this already awesome cake.

Thanks so much for even replying.


I use this device all the time and it's very useful for all sorts of tasks but longer cycles would definitely put it in my default template. Any chance this is possible? thanks for all your work and the website.


Very cool device thanks for the submission!
Are there any other control options other than the mouse?

Thanks again.


This looks awesome! but... alas not working for me on windows 7 Live 8.3.4. Thanks.

This looks awesome! but... alas not working for me on windows 7 Live 8.3.4. Thanks.

Thanks a lot. How do I email you about the mona lisa patch?


Thank you so much for your work.


Doesn't seem to work with max 6



Wishful thinking.

Awesome! Beatfader and Counter are amazing.
P.S. When are you guys releasing more music.

Thanks again.

: (

Still no upload?


Link... link... link... link... link...

I have recently been making controller specific sets for when I can only use one and am very anxious to see what this does for the LPD.

Thanks for all your clever work!!!

I just kept plugging away and I finally got it. Beautiful concept. Thanks again to all involved.



I last FMd' your name just to see if you were putting any music out there and you guys are Siiickkkk!

Thanks for the sounds.

Same here! M4L has brought new life to my Trigger Finger, and this patch is especially good.

But Dude, a bit more explanation on how to set this and Lobby up would be helpful. The Ableton set was some help but not so much with 3.1.

Don't get me wrong please I am getting results but they are haphazzard at best.

Thanks for the excellent work on this fantastic patch.

Very very nice. Thank you


Auto focus comes up as bound