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thanks to you willem, for your great work
hope your computer work again sooner.

one more. (not a bug bug)
when we select a parameter on the param control (say a "beat repeat" and "the grid param") . it would be cool to have the ability to select nothing (and clear this parameter to control nothing.)
once we select something, the only way to unselect it , is to select something else...but not "nothing".
that's all for today.
sorry i certainly said a lot of things for your devices , enough for a year of work no? or more...

hi Xanadu. i'm testing everything on your patch .
now others bug.
-the paramsetting don't save with the set correctly :
for example
after selecting devices and what parameter of the devices to control . after selecting the "min" "max" boundary on the parameter control (for example min 0% and max 100%) and after saving the project and after re-loading it.

the devices and witch parameters to control are saved but the "min" "max" value of the parameter isn't saved and we have min and max set by default (0% and 0%)

second bug.
i build a pattern and save it and give the name "toto pattrn"
i clear it (or close the project) then i open it again (or i load again the project and load the pattern) . it work, i have my pattern.
now i want to change a little the way the pattern play , i clear some notes and put some to, then i want to save the updated pattern with the same name.
then i close the poject (or i clear the pattern) and i load it again. here is the bug, the saved pattern didn't update. i have the first created one and not the updated one.
...And i must save with another name to save the updated pattern.

and now not a bug but an other idea. it should be could to have a way to change the param pattern on the fly for one pattern...
for example i create a pattern from 1 to 16 and use the "aux 1" control to control a "beat repeat grid parameter" then i create a pattern of the drum and the pattern of the parameter.
now imagine i could create not, one but 4 or 8 (or more...16? ;) ) parameter pattern for a single pattern of 16 then i can change "on the fly" (here we gooo !! again) the way the parameter evolve for a single pattern of drum...
hope it's know i'm french and my english is not perfect.
and i really love your work

eurh..there is a small bug finally (the last one i saw)
the "teleport" bug is always here when you clic on the "half speed button".
that's all ;)

one idea in my idea (i know it's just dream but i loved it).
let say the B menu is the pitch shifting set menu...
then 16 useable button to recall 16 pitch shifting set... for 16 mutch power in the hand!!!
everything is possible this way...

i post this idea here cause i think your device could be one of the most usefull for me...THE step sequencer for M4L ...And it take the way to .
thanks for all the things you done and all the things you will do.

hi Xanadoo. i tested your last update.

i saw you tried to addapt my idea of the save recall "on the fly" with the pitch shifting . i'm flattered . should be really usefull now on the pattern. but if it could be possible to let the user asseign midi control on the bullets ...we would have the "on the fly" and it would be so cool!

i have one more idea concerning the assignment on the launchpad.
i love the way you let the user use the button on the left to assign the pad and velocity . but for example i use more than 7 pad for a drum set (near 16 ;) ), and it is possible with the pitch shifting to assign more than 7 on more than one row... but it is impossible for one row to assign more than 7 pad and i thought about a way to assign up to 16 pad on one row.
let name the button on the left (to make things easy to understand) "vol, pan, sndA,sndB,stop ,track on, solo,arm" this way "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H"
let say the buton "A,B,C,D" are a menu selector button and the button "E,F,G,H" are selections buttons for the selected menu .
Let say , only 2 button could be pushed on the "A,B,C,D" (menu) at a time .
let say , pushing button "A" then "B" (the two are "ON" then) is different from pushing "B" then "A"...the first exemple we are on the "A" menu and the second exemple we are on the "B" menu... to know in witch menu we are, just change the color? when we push the "A" first the button become green and the B,C,D if pushed in second turn or yellow? then we know in what menu and sub-menu we are.

then let say menu "A" is the menu of the pad selection .

push "A" (it turn green)
button "B,C,D" are "off"
then button "E,F,G,H" are the 1,2,3,4 pad.

"A" is on then "B" , "A" is green and B is red...
then button "E,F,G,H are the 5,6,7,8 pad.

then push "C" , "A" is green ,"B" turn off and "C" turn red
then button "E,F,G,H are the 9,10,11,12 pad.

then push "D" , "A" is green , "C" turn off "D" turn red
then button "E,F,G,H are the 13,14,15,16 pad.

that is for the "A" pad menu...

this way you could also use the "A" menu as the velocity with "16" steps of velocity ?

that is for the "A" menu...and the "B" and "C" and "D" menu should be used for a lot of things to.
put in it things like , "loop star and loop stop"

it's a way to make your device more "user friendly" i think
but it's just an idea that could be great for me , it's just a point of view ;)

version 1.1.15 works greats no more bug for me.
thanks a lot!

hi xanadu; thanks for answering so fast!

using 64 is enough for a pattern (enough and cool)

i was talking about saving the whole 64 pattern ... in 16 distinct memories .
then 16*64 pattern, that could be saved and recalled "on the fly" via midi.

one pattern of 64 is great to make variation on pattern...

but the ability to change the whole pattern just on one button. that's should be great. 16 small button with just number 1 to 16 , "midifiable" , then on a midi controler or on "key assignation" buton , or whatever usable to push the button.

just push and change the whole pattern on the fly.
push again and save. push load..push save...with two color?
and if it could be synchronised to the tempo...

that's just an idea, but it could be cool i think .

one idea for an evolution.
midified button to memorise and recall "on the fly" , pattern.
16 should be great. ;)

same here, on session and user 1 page
wanna say thanks to you xanadu, made a real usefull patch.

hi, have a bug here . everything good good as i don't use more than 16 steps. with more steps the "step light" on the patch just "teleport" . and it's unusable .
have max for live 5.1.4 with updated pattr , combine , things on cycle. with live 8.1.1
max says :
live.path : set path: invalid path
and live.object call send value 0 7 63 no validobject set.
i can send a movie to see that ;)

Google is your friend.

For people who encounter troubleshooting... did you really tried to solve it and understand what s wrong to the way you use it ?. Try as hard as you can if you really interested but leave developpers ... develop and stop asking the same stupid suedtion like "how it work" .cause everything is explained by many guys who solved thid kind of question

Hi soundflower , i use every day your tool and everything work great. Nothing else than thank you for this really damn good tool. A lot.