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Hi, i got an issue with monomeemu or maybe the launchpad itself.
i used the monome emulator many times but suddenly it stopped working.

When i connect (LP1), the lights on the launchpad light up as normal. But i can't get no input in usermode 2. At least no pad input. I can change the emulator and all (vol pan snd ...). When i press a pad, i only see "out" flickering orange. But no "in". I checked the midisetting, reinstalled usb driver, redownloaded monomeemu.

The launchpad works fine itself. User mode 1 works as usual for example.

I didn't change any system or midi setting.

edit: i tried to use it with an older live version and it works well there. i compared the setting but couln'd find a difference. It worked in the newer version of live before... I was with a friend some days ago and i wanted to use my launchpad with the monomeemu on his computer. Same issue, no in LED in monomeemu is flickering and it worked on his setup before. All he changed was, that he installed an APC20. We disconnected all hardware but nothing changed.

I know, this isn't the place to ask questions about the monomeemu, but i thought, that it maybe has something to do with the launchpad drivers or that someone here had the same issue

thx for the help