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Username: animatek
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Member since: Oct 13 2009
About animatek: Musician and multimedia developer. Founder of virtual electronic magazine, and Raiz-Microphone.

Since he starts in music with a label 100% professional and Brainrack group has always researched the best way to improvise with live electronic music, finding new methods of real-time composition, blending new technology on software and hardware.

From 2005 he has been exploring these technologies for live performances under the name Animatek, always with a hard and minimalist style, working with layers of loops and experimenting with very rhythmic and percussive bases by adding a punch of sample-based repetitive sounds and various types of synthesis.

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Devices by animatek

LemuBara Seq Version 1.1
LemuBaramod Version 1.1
LemuBara Synth Version 1.0
UZZ Version 0.5
Ultimate Ztep Zeq Version 3.2
MidiConverter Version 1.0
Scope Eleven Version 1.2

Total Downloads: 25,157

Comments by animatek


Thank you @cazel, please try the new version, and say me if you have the same crash


Thank you @schlam

Hi kundalini,

Can reset the sequence in bars and slave to Ableton with the reset button just to the right of the direction parameter..

Hello @ GlintEye

Great idea for the glide stuff, i will implement in a future update, about the preset chain i´m thinking to create a song mode or something like that!

Thank you !! happy christmas!


thank you for update the device, i´m planning to make a version 2.0! with a new interface!! I will add the noteoff think
thnxs!!! great community!

Hello!! the device is not complete, try to freeze it! :D

wow!!!! thnxs!!

panic button Added!!

Hello i will add a panic button for the next update!!! thnxs for the support!

@VR hi, in the next update the mode will be switched to a toggle or a menu;)

I'm looking at some method for the octave too...

For the nexts updates, how do You feel the UZZ with 32steps????

Hello, i send an update of the UZZ through Sellfly to the 1.1 version, please confirm all is right with the download stuff...

fully mappable ;)

Glad you find it useful!!!

Do you want to map the pitch and velocity sliders?

I'll make an update in a couple of days, don´t worry!

Thanks for the support!!

Wow thnxs! works perfectly!!! goooooooooooood... ilove it!

Wow thnxs! works perfectly!!! goooooooooooood... ilove it!

Thank you, is very simple but effective ;)

Hello same here don´t work with max 6!

thnxs a lot !!

it works with APC?