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Name/Version: MidiConverter 1.0
Author: animatek  
Description: Version 1.0

- added a control in pitch to latch velocity
- added a duration note in pitch output
- added a control in Velocity to latch pitch

Midi Converter allow to convert any Midi Parameter:


- Pitch
- Velocity
- Control Change
- After Touch
- PitchBend


- Pitch
- Velocity
- Control Change
- After Touch
- PitchBend
- Map any Parameter

- Added a Preset and correct some issues


Add OSC to Source and Destination.

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Downloads: 5159
Tags utility, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.7
Max Version Used: 7.0.1
Date Added: Jun 11 2014 11:27:19
Date Last Updated: Feb 25 2015 16:23:12
Average Rating (5) 3
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

Device Files

Device File: MidiConverter_1.amxd


cool idea!

looks great please add more presets and multiple rules!!

very useful

There should be an envelope function for the velocity section. Or a latch mode or something. It doesn't work very well when you try to map velocity to a dry/wet knob for example because it goes right back to 0 when you let go of a key

I agree with the last post. With Velocity, the amount should remain on the last monitored value when key pressed instead of resetting to one each time. This feature would be very useful as far as velocity is concerned. Thanks for the plugin.

Thanks for posting.
Tried it to convert a CC# into another CC# but it doesn't work, ie the CC# coming in is the same as the CC# coming out, any idea why ?

it doesn't work whatever the source, what comes out is always what comes in.
am I using it wrong ?

OK I understand, I need a second midi track to actually receive the transformed data.

per @jerrfomusic and @audiojet, I took the suggestion and ran with it and modified the device to add a switch to filter out MIDI note off messages from velocity data. You can grab the updated device here.

It's polluting my undo history for some reason. anyone got a solution>?

Am I missing something? This device does not convert anything to CC. I tried a simple PitchBend to CC1 and it doesn't do anything but pass the pitchbend data through.


When I try and use this to convert pitch to velocity it also triggers a note on the note off command, any ideas of how to solve this?

I tried the version with the switch posted above but the same thing happens.

Thanks, P.

Great one, keep going.

Thanks I'm excited for this

There is no Pitch Bend Wheel on my controller so I tried to map CC from another knob to Pitch Bend. It doesn't work

It seems great. But I didn't manage to convert Cc to pitch... and I don't understand very well this max4live device, especially the middle partwith 6 squares and the arrow

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