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Woah... does this replace the need to install Selected_Track_Control within the\ Remote\ Scripts folder? To use keyboard shortcuts do you still need to install Kimidi separately? Can the shortcuts still be assigned/customized similarly? I've been using STC & Kimidi for many years. Pretty excited at the prospect of the functionality being moved to a M4L device so I don't need to worry about migrating the folder each time I upgrade the Live app.

Will this work on Live Suite 9.5? I'm stuck in the past! Help! :)

Seriously, though, is there any chance anyone might be able to make this work for Live 9.5 (if it won't already)?

This is exactly the sort of toolset I've been looking for. Really hoping there is some way I'll be able to use it without buying an upgrade to Live 10.

I really wish there was a way to have this as a MIDI device. I always find that I want to use it on a MIDI track to control MIDI devices, and still have MIDI output from the track. But inserting this device changes it to an audio track output, so I can't have the MIDI devices outputting to an instrument or other MIDI device on another track, or any external MIDI device.

Is there some way to make this device work as a MIDI device? Would it need to be completely rewritten to make it work, or would making a new MIDI device and copy/pasting everything from the current device into the new MIDI device (except for the audio in and out) result in it working as a MIDI device?

Thank you for this! Hopefully it still works now in 2017 with Live 9. I'm sure I will be modding it and expanding upon it if it does. It's definitely the framework I needed for external control of a Wave from Live without needing to constantly switch the view of the MIDI envelope editor.

If you like, I can upload the complete Nord Wave external CC device once I have everything mapped, and credit you as a source for the original.

Also, I've already got some stuff in the works to do tempo-syncing of the delay, LFOs, envelopes, and other time-based settings on the Nord Wave that I could incorporate.

IIRC, dropdown menus in a max device will send a numeric value for each entry. So you could just use Max to convert that number into the CC value for that menu option on the Nord Wave.

per @jerrfomusic and @audiojet, I took the suggestion and ran with it and modified the device to add a switch to filter out MIDI note off messages from velocity data. You can grab the updated device here.

The mapping control is completely broken. I'm running Live 9.6 32bit on Mac Yosemite. Basically, it doesn't show all devices in my set in the device list, and when I choose a device, sometimes there are no selectable parameters. Other times, I choose a device, and parameters for some other device show up in the list. And in my current set, I tried every single device and was not able to find the one that let me select the macro control I wanted for the parameter. Sure wish this would be fixed for the current version of Live. I can't find any other envelope follower that will let me do the stuff this one appears to do (if I could get it to map properly). Please fix it if you can.

My only wish is that it would be an audio effect so it could be dropped on audio tracks as well as MIDI.

Excellent! Just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

Doesn't seem to work in Live 9.6 32bit. When I map it to a macro control, I am unable to control that same parameter with automation from another device (LFO, env follower, etc.), and there is no input knob on the peakmod to map the controlling device to so that it can scale that device's control value. If I map the LFO (or other modulation) to the macro control first, then assign the peakmod to it, adjusting the values in peakmod (scale, curve, etc.) doesn't seem to have any effect.

Thank you so much! I've been trying to make a device like this for a while, but haven't been able to get it to work properly. Never again will I kick myself for not recording constantly and losing some great fluke of a sound I made. Yay!