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Thanks for sharing, wonderful work, clean easy to use S+

I see, well maybe this is just initially the case in Live if it comes up again I will try your suggestion, thanks!

Nice, first reaction of Live 9.7.1b3 was a straight crash when I drag and dropped it into the project, after that it loaded fine tho, wonder if this is related to your device tho, could be beta or max for live in general, using all the latest versions, but this has come up with other max for live in the past.

Thanks a lot for sharing, absolutely amazing, I love it on first try!

Wow thanks for sharing this!

Nah not your plug just noticed something must have happened to my icons update of Live maybe had my folder showing small icons that show as usual but when set to big view it shows blank "no picture" just a blank icon it does it for all amxd files, so there is nothing wrong, my bad. My machine messing with me! Sorry for that!

Yeah something is not right, when I throw it into my max for live folder the icon appears but when I load those into ableton I get a message:

Do you want the application “Ableton Live 9” to accept incoming network connections?

Frankly I'm not sure if it works correctly, I'd for sure check again at home and re-upload just to be sure, it certainly shouldn't make me accept firewall settings. Anyway Peace!

They just show up as blank icons for me forgot to mention.

You sure you saved them correctly? They don't show the ableton icon for amxd files like other files usually do once they are downloaded, I haven't checked loading them to try but I thought that's a little weird especially after reading your message, you might have missed something while saving. Dunno just saying.

Yeah presets of course are a possibility, right now I modified it for my needs, added what I wanted to automation and I'm getting good results, it's really fun because you can set the bpm individually each time and if you find the sweet spots you can hack and slash, pitch and backward, samples quite nicely. Thanks for the infos. Keep up your great work!

What was I talking curves was in all along xD, and easy enough to get that BuffSel in the automation as well. I like it a lot!

Nice changes! Here a few things I would try to implement and something I probably don't really get is the Loops don't seem to be switchable via automation. I'd certainly make more available to automation, I can't even assign the loop buttons to macros or keys, so that's quite annoying coz you wanna switch loops on the fly. A draw mode like the pen you get in Live's piano roll to edit the envelopes would be really nice and copy pasting the envelopes maybe some editing features and curves. Of course you could probably add 100 more things but I feel like those would really help a lot using it in just the way it is. Anyway all up to you nice device!

Haha 5star, so damn useful (!!!)

Yeah I agree it's a little sketchy, was just saying, sometimes people don't know what's already included.


Did you know that Live has a built in step recording feature?
Just saying ;)

Guess you could upload a zip all together but I have no idea if you can.

Same here no playhead, same versions used, Live 9.5 and M4L 7.0.6. Also only get the whole window to view when I go fullscreen on a Retina, that's kinda too big if you only have a Laptop, why not have a view in Device Section of Live? Could easily have a window where you can simply switch through the different waveforms, preserving space or not?

Great thanks!

Thanks for update, but when changing window size, the "active" color for font is same as background color, you can only set a size while the window is open basically. Dunno if that changes with the skins but I mostly use the original skin or my slightly modified one version, where only the lights have different colors.

I guess of course one could just go in and change the color easily.

Sorry if I offended you, never meant to, and the way you put it "without wave display on Push", it should be absolutely possible to create something in Max for Live that can Record/Slice and send it to a Drum Rack. I'd love to see something done here myself.

Again I didn't mean to offend and only mentioned Machine because of it's nature of copying the MPC, I don't find Machine a bad product by the way.

And man don't pull the age card, I am 40 myself and my first Sampler was a Roland S-50 back in '89. I've been through a lot myself regarding Samplers and DAWs, and I totally respect you or any other person seeking to keep their workflow the good old way.

So please accept when I say Peace, I mean it.

One thing I wonder about tho is why people with an "Old-school" approach to sampling don't rather look at Machine than at Push, Machine does all this out of the box, it was built with an MPC in mind, Push wasn't at all built with an MPC in mind, people should know this!

Just saying, Peace.

Hey, as you mentioned bit voltage, I suppose you've had a look around their site?!

what about this device(s) by them?

Also there is this device which might be something for chopping

This is totally like taking a sample in Live and saying "slice to new midi track", a Max for Live device would need to be able to "slice to new midi track" right on Push, then have the waveform of each simpler/sampler, within a drum rack displayed on Push so you could move the start and end points quickly, and done. Actually that's all there is to it. Anyway, slice and waveform display on Push seems like a huge if not impossible task?!

I have no problem doing it all in Live and only then moving to Push to actually play it on the pads, what a tedious and time consuming job to do it on a little screen TBH. I think I can chop it faster and better on computer than he does in the video on MPC, but that's just me and nothing speaks against this device idea, everyone has he's own work style I guess.

Smoothing and sync would be nice to have.

I'm impressed too, very nice quality and low CPU load. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome piece of work.

Hard to tell if that would be the solution, I like the way it is, so many users are using your site and are probably used to this, something the whole community should be able to vote for actually. All I would really be able to do is delete stupid double posts or correct type errors, maybe the option to post links, images, code...

Dunno but you have to agree it's quite basic right now :P

Sorry for double post, clicked reload page and then send by accident, please give us a better commenting system synnack.

Very nice, the motor time could be way above what you got now, kinda nice when you have the ability to exaggerate an effect that is rather limited on the hardware. Maybe an indicator to reflect those hardware limitations.

Thanks for sharing

Very nice, the motor time could be way above what you got now, kinda nice when you have the ability to exaggerate an effect that is rather limited on the hardware. Maybe an indicator to reflect those hardware limitations.

Thanks for sharing

@wetterberg this page at the bottom you got 2 versions

@bennniii asking five bucks for the next version is totally fine, I hope this one stays for free tho, would hate to have to pay for it all over sudden ;)

...Peace man!

Very weird George, I use latest versions of Live and Max meaning Live latest beta and Max 7 it still works for me. Never had this issue you are talking about.

I am listening to a loop right now 2 sequences running, one at 8/4th notes one at 4/6th and it's playing everything as set up.

Could you maybe give a little more detail as to how you have it set up, pictures/video could help greatly in trying to help you solve this issue.

Also you write Max 6.1.(x) which exact version of Max is it?

Sorry if I stepped, as you addressed this @bennniii, just trying to help ;)

God I totally missed that it stops when choosing the draw option and screening it is absolutely fine in that case, my bad xD

Sorry for 2 posts should always to fast to click submit...
Would be nice if the scroll would stop with the transport so it doesn't get overwritten, and if you could save as picture. Of course you could probably add 1000 more things but those 2 things would be really nice to have.


Wow nice and light on the CPU, works in Max7, thanks a lot for sharing this!

Loving it, very nice and useful device, also thanks a lot for the update. Running it on the latest beta 9.2b5 and Max7 without issues.

Cool thank you :D

Just a question do you have any free device? Or are you planning on having at least one free device in your collection?

Like sort of an appetizer if you know what I mean.

Very nice, exactly what I was looking for, very useful device.

Thanks for sharing JGJP


Why use this over routing, it's perfectly possible without any additional max plugin to play a external or internal 3rd party drum machines with the push drum sequencer.

I don't see the use I can also route the same pattern to several drum machines at once, more than 4, and it's not even complicated to do so.

No offense, just wondering and confused.

Thanks a lot for the update, looks and feels really good now :)

Nice to add a tutorial video but I can't see anything in that video at 480p which is the highest available rate, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for sharing your work!

Great, I will definitely look into this over the weekend ;)

First of all, thanks for sharing this one, I really like it, a lot of potential, and the sounds you can achieve with a the filtering and the LFO is really nice and crystal clear!

I think the design which is more of a detail, or aesthetic question, could get improved I think. I really like the original for a reference here. I think Clavia have a kind of simplicity and aesthetic that is very comforting and inviting, that's one thing I love about their synths apart from the great sound of course.

So looking at the original, I would go way more minimalistic in design, for example, use a dark gray lower background, that will fill the gaps between modules, and the lighter gray that will be the background of each module, and if at all, red, I would only use it as a tiny frame around the whole structure and/or replace the Sand color you used with red. I would try to make each section so that it's clearly defined. Again looking at the Original User Library „Electric from AAS“ sort of has that look, except for the red.
I could try to draw something or put something together to give a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

Another thing, which is also only aesthetic, is the frames that get generated around selected elements, overlaps the design, It would be very cool if those would all sit in nicely. Meaning a hell lot of fiddling and resizing. But again those are only design related but still would make for a much better look, feel and user-friendliness I imagine.

Very nice work Live and Push pong and both for free, I am impressed. The interface is well thought out and built. Very useful and playful devices. I still have to check out Push pong but I am expecting the same results, and I'm very eager to try out some things with it.

Thanks for sharing these most impressive and inspiring devices!

Wow bennniii, I love you!

Yeah, I'm very glad.

+1 for stereo mode, definitely nice to have both imho!

I didn't really have time yet to check this out but will do and will vote and comment when I did.


Lol, now it worked, yesterday nada, I was just about to try on Chrome if it still didn't work in Safari, anyway problem solved, thanks for the feedback.

I tweeted 2x and get a 403 Broken link or so, hope you can fix this soon, when I read lofi and tape, I get all excited :D

Absolutely amazing, all around a nice package, definitely worth checking out, I love the sound of Bertha and the XY and Anti Warp are also really nice to have. I hope you keep them up to date, would be a shame losing these due to compatibility issues.

Thanks a lot for this package maxforcats!

Pretty awesome, especially like how you're controlling the sample section, one thing I would add tho if that is possible at all, is Warp section control, especially transients/quantization, warp types and BPM.

That would make this thing just so much more awesome for me.

Dunno if controlling 8 is sort of a limit but if you could spec that up to control lets say at least 64 would be even more awesome.

See I am dying for Sampler to be able to do things like Warp engine control, slices, tempo... or even clips like you do here. Or complete sequencing in clip view instead of arrangement.

It's a really nice device you did, thanks for sharing this for free!

very useful

impressive, thanks for such a nice gift, very nice design just by looking at it you can see it all.

Hmm would be nice if we could edit our posts here btw, just writing this in hopes someone will add this feature.

So I did check this again now and I noticed that I am actually ahead of you in versions. Using M4L 6.1.7 with Live 9.1.2 (32bit).

Anyway I think there does seem to be a version issue, all I did to recreate this was drop a Break Machine on an audio track and the undo list would show me (Undo Change "Speed") right away without even using any automation yet, then I did click it once, to see if it was only one time. That's why you see it on redo on the screenshot.

The parameter speed btw is automatically controlled when automating quantization. Also the parameter names show up with special chars or missing chars.

Hope this helps to figure out what the issue is would be nice to have the undo thing fixed at least, I don't need a meticulously polished version just that fix would make me happy :P


I will check this again and let you know, as for Live and M4L I use the absolute latest versions. So I guess it's not a backwards compatibility issue if it's an issue at all. Like I said, I will check this again in depth and let you know here ok.#

Glad I'm not the only one disappointed about the interface for SE.


Btw, stutter edit is really nice in terms of what it can do, but the interface is one of the worst I have ever seen, that goes for most if not all of iZotope's GUI's.

Your's is clear cut and easy to understand and use.

I had to say this :D

Somehow it's filling the undo list when in operation, lets say I deleted a track while it's playing. I then can't undo that step because the undo list is filled with "speed" changes, so I would have to click like 100 times to get that track back for instance.
Dunno, would like to know what you and others say about this.

Wow, from the video it looks and sounds like an indispensable tool, definitely gonna check this out...

thanks for sharing!

awesome stuff nice update, very nice and simple tutorials on your site, thanks for sharing all this for free respect!

awesome stuff nice update, very nice and simple tutorials on your site, thanks for sharing all this for free respect!

Wow, you made Oki Computer, very pleased to hear as a fan of that ensemble, I love it since I know it.

Now I'm eager to get my hands on these two, which are looking very promising and fun from the nice videos you provided...

Thanks for sharing these ;)

I have been looking for something like this, I used to use a lot of s1-stereo-imager from Waves for this, seems to be kind of the same functionality from what I can read, Cheers.

I hope you will be updating this plugin if necessary, it has become an indispensable tool to me by now. Great work!