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come on ... it says license: none, you give your email adress and find out you have to pay a minimum 9$,
that's called a commercial license

Also one button for both actions would make more sense

thanks, this could be VERY useful if it didn't fill up the undo buffer, like all the similar PAUSE devices that appear through the years

I'm still lost with the presets,
how do you store a preset?
what is stored in the preset ?
How do you recall a preset ?


I see what you did thanks! So now you can load samples one by one or select several from Live's browser, that's cool !

You've removed the option to load a complete folder. Remembering the previously used path when clicking "L" for loading was just what was missing, shame it's gone completely.
When I said "dragging from the browser" I meant the ability to drop a whole folder directly from Live's browser to your plugin.
Maybe a future update ?

Anyway thanks for your great work, and it's great to be able to drag and drop now !

thank you!

I meant an update soon ?
well, nope.

I just read about this device but it turns out I'd already tried it and put a comment left unanswered, it's a shame the display doesn't follow the track you scroll to, it does in session view (but I never use it) but not in arrangement view, which makes it useless, I wish I could program that damn M4L :)

Hello Maxime,
having fun with your machine, thanks!
What are the presets for ?
How do you store them ?

Would it be a lot of work to have the Load Folder browser remember the last location used ?
i think it's fun to try various folders, but if they're in a long winded path, it can be tedious as the load browser always goes back to the computer root.
Dragging from the Live browser would be even better, but that must be much more coding.
Anyway, thanks !

unfortunate that it doesn't work on Live 9

it'd be great if the scrub could bounce back to zero when released, or when a key is assigned and you release it.

Like dubdub above I'm a Phaser lover, yours is amazing! Thanks !

It'd be great that the undo buffer doesn't get filled up each time you're using the gate. An update insight ? thanks!

Brilliant, thank you so much!
haven't tried it yet, but I trust you :)

thanks, could be really helpful but unfortunately the reset is filling up the undo buffer, making it unusable, when you have several of these on several tracks and start/stop while working on some parts, if you make a mistake and want to undo, it's a nightmare

hi, if it's not free you have to mention "commercial" in the license box

Hi, nice but I think it's the same as except you can use as many as you wish in a given project

in device details, license, you said "none" it should say "commercial" or whatever license you chose for that, cheers

the description should mention it's a commercial device, you're listing it as free but it's not, cheers.

It would be great to be able to define a min and max value when assigning to a pot.
Right now it's note off=O note on = 127, which works in some cases, but mostly not.

thanks for this! Requested by thousands for years to Ableton who stays deaf to these kinds of simple requests. You can bet that now you've done the hard work it's gonna pop up in the next version as built-in ;)

very usefull, thanks!

Nice, thanks !

Thank you !

Problem: it cannot be turned off if you're not on the track it is on.
ie. if you put in on master and you've assigned a shortcut to the [on/off] button, you need to select the master track to turn the effect off.
Can that be fixed with an update to max 7 ?

unfortunately each time the continue button is pressed an undo event is created, and worse when the undo history reaches a [continue play] event, it actually repeats the action, ie starts playing, instead of doing nothing and go back in the undo history.
Maybe this device could be updated for live 9 and max 7 ?
The principle is so useful, thanks!

sorry my mistake, it happened because I had assigned a shortcut to the device accidentally and it was the same as the collapse button shortcut

The collapse button only collapses the track it's on rather than the selected track.
(max 7)

OK I understand, I need a second midi track to actually receive the transformed data.

cool, cheers!

excellent, thank you !!

thank you!!! Been looking for this for days, so helpful.
Why doesn't Live has this and other basic functions natively is a mystery

oops it is working sorry, thanks!

Would have been really useful for me just for the continue button which doesn't exist in Live and therefore cannot be mapped, but here you need to push a key or midi note twice in order to have it working the next time you use it, which is a bummer.
Momentary would have been perfect

the clock on the left doesn't display properly, because of max 7 maybe ?

very good idea, thank you !!

could be really nice if it worked here, impossible to map anything

so cool, thanks !

so useful, thanks!!

thank you!

excellent, thank you !

excellent, thanks!

not working unfortunately

10 out of 5 !
Actually tried it only after I commented above and it's really one of these usefull features that are otherwise lacking in Live.
It also keeps following in the edited clip window, fantastic!
Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant, Thank you !!

I meant to rate 5, pushed 4 by mistake and can't rate again.
Thanks again for this device, there are so many basic functions lacking in Live, it's great that you provided this!

very nice & useful, I wish it could also control the selected return tracks and master.

Thank you thank you thank you !!
Been reading 50 pages of devices, 10 per pages, to find your device!
It fills the non-understandable lack of KB shortcuts in Live for these simple & basic functions (mainly the solo button for me).
I began asking for this on Ableton's forum 10 years ago for several years, but unfortunately they don't care about these simple requests.

the Steps transport could have been very useful to me if the live cursor (the orange vertical line) actually moved when moving bars or beats forth or back. Instead, whatever you do, it doesn't affect the starting point when you press play. Therefore I don't understand the purpose ?

it doesn't work whatever the source, what comes out is always what comes in.
am I using it wrong ?

Thanks for posting.
Tried it to convert a CC# into another CC# but it doesn't work, ie the CC# coming in is the same as the CC# coming out, any idea why ?

I wish the display follow the selected tracks and scroll

thanks, perfect!

Thank you mlusk !!!
I've been looking for days at all devices from december 2015 up to your device from Oct2014 hoping to find exactly that.
I use Live in arrangement mode only, and this device gives at last the possibility to "simulate" a different arrangement without having to cut and paste just to see what it sounds like.

I'm happy to see that if you put 2 locators on top of each other you can "come back" to a locator that jumped to another place the first time it was read, hence really simulating a different arrangement.
for example:
you want to swap verse 1 with verse 2 in a song

create a locator named > verse 2 at the start of verse 1
create a locator named verse 2 at the start of verse 2
create a locator named > verse 1 at the end of verse 2
Create a locator named verse 1 and place it on top of the locator named > verse 2

when you play the track it will go to verse 2 then go back to verse 1.

would have been useful to me if the display was scrolling at the same time in arrangement mode, as it selects tracks out of the display space without scrolling up (or down) to show the selected track

thanks SlyFunky!
any possibility of adding a choice for a CC in particular rather than all CCs?

Thanks OJK ! I use Live in arrangement mode only, this device enables me to have a keyboard shortcut for "solo selected" which is dramatically missing in Live as far as I know.