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awesome! thanks for the hard work soundflower...can't wait to try this out after work. this sounds like one bad-ass tool!

thanks for all the quick updates soundflower - i went straight from v0.9 to v0.9.1.1 and it was a phenomenal performance improvement!

i also wanted to add a +1 to lek's 'user 1' suggestion. i'm currently using the 'session' and 'mixer' mode on the launchpad as a standard clip controller. 'user 2' mode controls 7up - mainly the looper function.

it would be cool to setup 'user 1' to control another M4L app such as stretta's suite or another killer patch that has yet to be developed ;-) so many possibilities this will bring.

anyway, just wanted to show some appreciation and offer more encouragement - i think many users will be using this patch on a daily basis!