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About lek: Splitting time between Perpignan, Paris and Berlin, Sylvain Garcia trained as a guitarist before moving into the avant garde of electronic music. His house and techno project "Le K" has made stops at the most prestigious clubs and festivals the world over and his last productions have been critically acclaimed and awarded by some of the best specialised international music magazines.
The founder of monotone, a European music composition and production collective, Sylvain has released a number of dance oriented records on a variety of labels over the years. Additionally, he has worked both in theater, on multimedia projects and movie soundtracks. An avid Ableton Live user since version 2, Ablerton Certified trainer since 2010, Sylvain is also, with his collaborator Christian Blomert, behind touchAble app, an IOS dedicated Ableton Live controller app for the iPad and iPhone, used by thousands of Ableton Live users and famous artists on stage and studio.
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Eventide Space Controller Version 1.0
Eventide PitchFactor Controller Version 1.0

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Hey good one but why as soon as you set a parameter up it always return to a mini ou max value? It should return to the latest position engaged imho...

ANy chance to include Synced values for time as well?

I don't know why but in automatic mode the lights don't show up .
Works i n Manual...Any idea? This patch is great, I miss being able to use it on stage because of that

thanks for the free device, it looks great!

thanks for the update!!!

great one. Whait is exactly step size parameter?


great idea thanks!

1 word: WOW!!!

A did a bit of promo for you:

Thanks a lot for sharing it for free.

Great update thx!
I noticed that the sequence is erased if you go back and forth from poly to mono seq.

Simple, effective, brilliant. thx for sharing!

yes yes yes!!
thanks for this one, a must have for push users!

Nice one!
J'espère que c'était bien le concert avec Zeb et Julien au mediator ;)

Osculator required, right?

Very good one. Any chance to get it a bit faster responsive? Going back and forth quickly to 0.00ms/ high values doesn't seem to bring the value to 0 as fast as the knob.

yes timefactor is coming next soon.
but you can already use this one for the timefactor, just the presets won't be the good ones.

Manual looks scary at first glance, but don't worry you can master it out , no stress :)

Oh and yes, if you have instance son several tracks you have to stop global play to be able to use retake on a different track when you change your am track.

Hey Jimmy, thanks for your reactivity, fortunately it's working now! DOn't know what happened but now it's working perfectly, even inside groups etc...
Don't know if you plan an update but maybe an option to avoid recording while a clip is playing in the track would be perfect.
And why not a retake for all the midi clips in the session? :) would be awesome.
Very good device, was waiting for something like that for ages, I'll recommend it!
Sylvain -

can't get it working here... doesn't play and create no clip

@hyakken any chance you can send me your email address I have some requests for you, thx in advance sylvain.garcia(at)touch-able(dot)com

Hi, any chance that you add all steps (the round lights above each knob) visible in push or external controller by creating parameter values ilke the knobs? I really really would like that, I have reorder the the list of the knobs but I stuccoed here...please this would allow me to make a very usable ipad template for your great device!

wow, can't wait to check this out!

macro 1 corresponds to bank 1 but the next 7 correspond to bank 2. It has to be changed.
Also, I confirm, dynamic names are not shown on Push or touchABLE.


Can you at least make the macros name editable?

Awesome device, but any chance to get names of parameters inside each macro?

Hi great device but please can you make it that the name of each parameter mapped is shown for each macro? would be awesome.

good idea but gives me ultra big cpu peaks, with my late 2011 my macbook pro 8 gb.......

very great device, we promoted on our social network (touchAble app twitter and Facebook)


fantastic device, well done

the new version is awesome, but it crashes live after 5 minutes of tweaking.....mac osx lion ableton 8.2.7, last max I the only one?

wonderful! You ve been pushing your device forward!!

a lot of progress since version 1! Stability increased, thanks mate!
suggestion: add color to button left and right of launchpad, same color for both , color change depending the page...can be useful to know where you are in the clip ...

oh, good idea!
thanks for sharing.

of course we like it! Can't wait to test it out :)

hey thanks for the tip!

you need this external, download it and put it in your external folder in cycling'74/max/externals

Really good device, works perfectly!
ANy others great features like this one possible with these externals?

works good, but when you go into midi clip and tweak some stuffs it often crashs...

Am I the only one?

yeah! Nice sunday :)

Works for me, already promoted your device via twitter. :)
Can't help you with timing sorry.

yeah, awesome, going to test it now! thx :)

wow sounds good!

Awesome! :)

This is just super great!
Congratulations, simple, efficient and stable!

What i'm missing right now, so here my suggestions (only for launchpad):

- use right launchpad's button 1 to 5 (vol, pan, sndA, sndB, Stop) as velocity zone: 5 velocity fast access (divide 127 by 5 ), press one of these 5 and click on the grid to affect this velocity to the note edited. No press : assign the general velocity set with the normal velocity parameter.

-use button solo on the right side as a shift navigation button: press this button and one of the 4 arrow/nav buttons of the launch pad allows you to navigate by block of 8 instead of 1by 1.

- maybe you could use colors for velocity or pitch....

wow, and thanks for the super complete documentation!

thanks a lot , can't wait to test it out!

Pretty cool, congrats.

thanks for the update!

yes indeed video would be super useful!

Yes, I experimented this drop values when using knobs or (in my case pads with CC) too fast...Very frustrating :(

great! better than schwarzonator!
WOuld be cool that it could recognize sus chords too...

wow beautiful! I like it!

I've reinstalled Max lastest version, but no progress...still doesn't show up any learn...damn..

unfortunetely i can't assign anything, the learn mode doesn't 8.2.2 and last max installed...

great, thanks a lot !

thanks for sharing!

ok works for me now. But why can I just put the device on a midi track? why not audio?

ooops, crash 8.2.1, and doesn't show up track selection box

very interesting device.

any chance to get a new update? :)

Hey Cello, 2.0 is great!

really nice device, thanks for the update

really nice idea, gonna check it out

basically: use sun.plyfier on a midi track
put a midi instrument on few different midi tracks with an instance of polymidireceive on each track.
setup the polymidireceive voice to a different value for each track, same bus for all of them, no need to setup a midi input on each track (the bus does it), then play different type of chords and you ll see :)

ok, I ve got it now, wonderful tool!!!

please a little how to! it looks really promising :)

works, but control point doesn't affect the midi notes as you mentionned it...

god beginning, thanks for sharing.
This is what I would like that someone port on Max4live (the audiounit version crashs all the time...)

a smart tool for direct sampling, something we miss so much with Ableton

update fixes all the previous issues, brilliant device!!
Will use it a lot, thanks!

really cool sound, although it doesn't take a lot of processor, the visual playback gets very slow when using it...any idea?

can't drop it on a midi track....weird

fantastic, thanks :)

OMG, this is big!!

Again a beautiful pack, thanks!!


yes indeed definitely Peter :)

great simple sequencern thx for sharing. Presets don't work for me

Brilliant device, thanks! The morphing random function is just awesome, i wish someone implements it on a simple random parameters device.

nice one!

works well thanks for sharing :)

same here

thx a lot i'm going to watch it :)

please can you explain how to use it a bit more, thx very much

the idea is awesome but when i use it i ve got such a big latency..

thank you so much for the details, i 'm going to test it right now.

it sounds brilliant, but please can you explain how to use it cause I can't get it working yet...


serious work, thanks

really interesting idea, might be useful in certain condition.
thanks for that

thanks a lot pp for the little tutorial :)

it looks really cool, but i don't understand how to use it, even with the help page...A little video demo would be awesome!

looks interesting :)

whoo, awesome!

really interesting, i'm going to check it.

sounds interesting :)

@ nonagon

sounds good

I'm glad you re up for updating it.

anyway, It takes part of my set now.

Nonagon, no reply?

ok i tested it.
Works great :)
the function is basic but does the job.
Hope you are going to work on update :)

Do you now the quantization script "input quantize within Kontakt3?
that what i would love to see in your patch.
-choice between quantize note on or note off, or both.
-amount of quantize effect
- % of swing (groove in live)

with your patch, the time of the note follows the rate of quantize. for example if i put 1/4, play a short key on my instrument, with no release set, i will have the note sounding related to the quantize setting :1/4

Is equal to have note on and note off swith on in kontak script.

Wold be great to have the choice as mentionned above.


gonna test it right now,
i have been expecting something like that since a while!