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Hi there,

This is a really wonderful device you've put together, props to you for the work.

I'm experiencing the latency issue with 7up, using max 5.1.3 and ableton 8.1.1. About 500 ms to start with and then getting worse as time goes on.

I've noticed that the threads above seem to indicate the problem was fixed in 5.1.2, but for me this seems not to be the case.

I wonder what it could be?

It seems to be an issue with the device.parameter.remote object's behavior when loaded *for the first time* into a set.

For me, all I need to do to get it working is open the patch - once only. After that, oddly enough, live seems to recall the routing correctly (i.e. when reloading the set).

I started another project from scratch using parameter.remore and the problem is the same, so I can only assume its a bug.

At least you're good once you get a set going with it :)

Solved, by using the 2nd input on the api patcher.

Thanks again, it got me going on something I've wanted to do for years.

Ahh, made the list and connection happen (i think by just going in manually and initializing it.

I am getting a parameter mismatch in the translation, as if maybe the recieving control is getting a 0-1 when it wants 0-127.

Very, very useful thing you have here - and opens a whole new alternative to clip envelope modulation.

Now... just need to get that second list populated in winXP, lol.