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@ crampe

Ok thanks, I have managed to make it work, I can see my audio unit fx and plug in synth, later on I will plug my guitar and try it out.
Yeah man, I don't know f..... all about Max, so don't worry , if you can improve it will be great, take your time, no hurry.
It's not an easy task to achieve ( audio to midi converter) anyway maybe some Max expert can help you out with this.
I'll wait for an upgrade, many thanks again.
I will let you know about latency.

This is just what i was looking for, please let me know where do I put those external files, if I knew yuo were building this kind of device I could save my money, I just bought Sonuus guitar to midi converter.
It will be great to have something polyphonic though.
Do you think it will be possible?
Thanks in advance.

Hi , great device, but where do I put audiounit and sigmund~


@ soundflower

keep up the good work.
really appreciate it
thank you very much indeed.
you're great!!!

@ stringtapper

Sorry, it's me again, I opened your patch in Max presentetion mode locked it and fiddled with volume and probability, clicked on run set in some chords and guess what? it's working, and I must say that I love the sound that comes out.
When I get out of presentation mode I am back to normal, no sound.
How come? It looks like they are two different patch that when is in presentation mode it works and in normal mode is not working.
Please help me out, I hope I made myself clear, forgive my english.
Thank you.

@ stringtapper

nothing to do, I get this error message on MAX window

Jazzclient: no such object

with the new upgrade Sev.

Than you.

@ stringtapper

I did, but still nothing, I'll wait for an upgrade, I get a wrong message on the max window.
I really can't understand why it doesn't work for me.
If for anyone else works it means that I do something wrong I will double check.
I insert you synth on the midi channel, let the transport bar running , put up volume, insert some midi note, midi arrives, but no sound comes out.
Anyway thanks, let me know if I do something wrong.


@ stringtapper

Still nothing , I have followed your tips but no sound is coming out.
Thank you

@ stringtapper

sorry, same for me it doesn't work.
I would love to see it working.

@ soundflower and @ all M4L user

I found out why the latency occurs, not only with your patch but also with many M4L patches and I also realized that most of M4L preset are broken and Live is not working proprerly as usual.
The problem is the new update of MAX to 5.1.1 that doesn't work properly with the latest version of LIVE 8.1.
The solution is to go back to the oldest version of MAX 5, or download the new beta version of LIVE.
You can find details and download version of MAX and LIVE here:

Thank you soundflower for the effort of the new update patch.
All the best.

@ soundflower

Hi, I didn't get any latency with the first realese of your patch, it worked fine for me with all the patches (7 up, monome suite etc etc)
Since last realese of your patch was causing latency I went back to the nonome launchpad edition with max msp runtime.
Is there any chance to have your first patch back?
If you can email to me that will be very nice from you.
This is my email ""
By the way merry christmas, and thanks.
Sorry to bother you.

Hi, first of all thanks for the patch, with this update I get a big latency, what do I do wrong?
Please let me know if you can, I will be grateful.
Thank you in advance.

I can't seem to download this with my browser. Can you post another link?