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I found this operating Instruction:


first of all Id like to say thank you for the emu again! Its cool to use it together with 7up. But in case of the m4l stretta suite I got some problems.. sorry for bothering with this..I read the thread soundflower pointed to "
In this document, monomeserial is monomeEmu for launchpad." but somehow couldn't find out how to adress the diffrent midiInstruments from stretta. As far as I understood it should all happen automatically. I m running the current Emu of Soundflower and the current stretta release, nothing else in my project. I use 1 of 2 LP as 64 device. Im a beginner with this so my silly question is, do I have to set the prefix and match the host/listener? Im confused cause I don't find any autoconfig buttons an the stretta mididevices. Could somebody point me to a thread or has some experiences?