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I'm a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering and a long time musician/audio engineer/producer. I have recently started to dabble in hardware design (synthesizers and effects) as well as DSP. I hope someone finds some value in what I've made so far :)
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Devices by OspreyInstruments

PM Synth Version 1.0
Panner Version 2.0
FM PM Demonstration Version 1.0
VOC-201 Version 1.0
ADT-2 Version 1.0
Scanner Vibrato Version 1.0
Scanner Vibrato Mono Version 1.0
Spring Reverb Version 1.0
Rotary Speaker Version 1.0
ADT-1 Version 1.0
FocusEQ Version 1.0
JChorus Version 1.0
Mono Bass Version 1.0
LA2A Version 1.0
Kick Machine Version 1.0
Partials Version 1.0
Harmonics E-1 Version 1.0
Hysteresis Version 1.0
Snap Version 1.0
Trilby Version 1.0
Clapper Version 1.0
FM PM Demonstration 3OP Version 1.0
FlexSat Version 1.0
FlexSat Version 1.0
JackedBrat Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 3,262

Comments by OspreyInstruments


Thanks for the comment, telkmx! I'm glad you like it.

A randomise button would be a really nice feature, but I shutter at how much work that would be to implement! haha (although there may be some methods for working with the matrix objects that I am not aware of).

The probability would have to be weighted at the lower end of the value structure too, especially on for the diagonal (feedback) cells. I'll have to think this over and see if I can come up with an efficient way to structure it. :)

Panner was updated to include a Phase mode, just like the original. This is a phase rotation with a center frequency of 114.5Hz, and depending on the pan, the left/right channel will sweep a frequency range of 55-177Hz (phase, not magnitude), as measured by PluginDoctor on the original. The Q also changes slightly, but unlike the original, the Phase level knob controls the mix with the dry signal as well as the amount of phase divergence, so that at a Phase level of 0, there is not a static phase shift at 114.5Hz.

Unfortunately, to keep the math simple, I used linear scaling, but given the quite limited frequency range, this shouldn't affect the parameter scaling too much, and is still perfectly functional.

Thanks for checking it out Calagan! I'm sorry you were having trouble getting them to work on M1. I had my friend beta test them on his machine and I might have a work around. I made a Pack with the organ sample library as well, and that worked for him. I can't upload .alp files here though, so if you are interested, I shared it on Pianobook ( and my personal website too ( at the bottom of the page).

If its those 2 effects, its a problem with the convolution. Its either not including the external library or the IRs. I was having trouble exporting it correctly, maybe because I don't have the full Max MSP license. I think the pack / .alp should work though!