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Name | Version: LA2A 1.0
Author: OspreyInstruments
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: ** IMPORTANT **

This is a WRAPPER for the BPB Dirty LA compressor! This needs to be installed first! It can be downloaded on their website:

I am making M4L wrappers for some of my simpler plugins so I can have a nice device interface, and avoid floating windows as much as possible :)

I did a shootout of a few free cross-platform OPTO compressor plugins (LALA, Levelling Amplifier, Dirty LA) and landed on Dirty LA as I thought the distortion sounded more appropriate, and the controls were more "classic" and a bit simpler.

This uses the VST3 version, and is only tested on Mac so far. I can't guarantee it works on PC without some simple modifications. Also, the VU meter is not "accurate" per se. I was trying to reverse the processing to some extent, but also didn't want to devote a crazy amount of resources to this task either. It should give an approximate idea of the compression, with reasonable ballistics. Enough to give you an idea, but don't depend on it!


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 19 2022 21:21:50
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 269
License: None
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Device File: LA2A.amxd

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