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Name | Version: LoFi 1.0
Author: OspreyInstruments
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: LoFi provides a pallet for all things dirt. The primary tenant of this device is the impulse response library (some my own, some scavenged) of a vast array of speakers, radios, megaphones, microphones, and electronics. This can be tuned, and further sculpted with the subsequent equalizer.

See linked page for more details :)


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 20 2023 05:48:23
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: None
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hey! thanks for this, its awesome, but i cant get the convolution part to work! all other sections of the patch are working great, but when convolution is at 100% dry/wet, no sound comes out. tried multiple different IR's.

The rest of the plugin is great, but would love to get the IR's working!

Im on ableton 11.2, MB Pro M1
Cool multi-effect you've built. Thanks indeed for sharing it.

I'm a "rainbow noise" enthusiast, so always keeping my ears out for something like this.

Have you thought of a randomization feature? 🎲

Keep clicking for surprises. It'd be very useful with all the options you've provided. And some more example presets to boot.
I really love the idea but i second that the convolution part and the noise sample part is not working for me either. I hope it would be fixed. Thank you.
Same here, convolution and noise don't work... At the top of the device this message appears: "Java is not installed on this computer"...

Ableton 11.3.3, Macbook M1 Pro
@babasynth, i got the same error, went through the instructions to install. restarted my computer, and it still doesnt work... sad
i figured it out. follow instructions on the Ko-fi website. You must take the two IR response folders and the LOFI AMXD device out of the folder and put them in your user library Max Audio Effect folder.
this thing is seriously awesome. Its like RC-20 meets Futzbox on steroids. Very simple interface. Unlimited use cases, great sounding, just awesome! Would absolutely love a randomize feature. Thanks again. donating to your Ko-fi now
@shinytheshiny, thank you very much for your advice but it still doesn't work for me... I copied the the two IR folders and the device in user library Max Audio Effect folder, but when I open the device, the message "Java is not installed on this computer" still appears. Do I need to install Java?
Wow, it looks awesome, and thank you so much for the effort!
Unfortunately I'm having the same problem...I've tried to install it following the instructions step by step, in every possible "max for live" folder in my user library, but no luck. No sound at all using the convolution strip, and with the analog one (I think for the same reason, since they both work with the IRs) no response from the noise.

Macbook pro M2 Max, Ventura 13.2.1
Yep...convolution not working for me either. All other parts sound great!
Hey all! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes there was some problems with the load sequence it turns out, and the IR and sample libraries weren't loading correctly. It's my first time taking this approach of "auto scanning" these relative directories, and there was some unforeseen challenges.

I posted an update that should hopefully fix it for everyone. There is a separate LoFi.amxd file outside of the archive that you can download and replace the original with, so you don't have to redownload the libraries. Please let me know if you are having problems though still after this update!
@Torley Randomization is a good idea, especially for the IRs and noise. (could get dangerous in the effects section, especially the feedback and distortion hahaha). I'll think if there is a good way to implement.
Its still not working for me. My user library is on an external drive which I of course have Ableton pointed to. I've tried to put the 3 files directly into my user library and I've also tried putting into the Presets>Audio Effects>Max Audio Effects and I'm still getting the "no java error" and IR's and Noises not working. I'm on an M1 Mac, could that be the issue?

Your M4L user library is pointing towards an external drive? Or your other ableton libraries? Sorry, yes the file path thing is super finicky, and I'm still building a picture of what does and doesn't work for different people.

Did you install Java then? I finally had a breakthrough on this one. There was a single mxj object I'd used for processing one of the IR buffers (and totally forgot about). This one object does require java it turns out... not something I realized at first because I'd already had java installed.

This is the cycling 74 page that points towards the java download. Theres an M1 (arm) version that you'd use in your case. I'll add a note to the instructions regarding the java prompt, I know it scares a lot of people to be asked to install it. Maybe I'll come up with an alternative way to perform this process without using a mxj block.
This is fantastic! Got it up and running and IRs working on Mac -just had to save to save everything to the default folder as outlined in the txt file (my user library is also on an external drive - works fine for me). Thanks for sharing this - super useful!

I did hit the Java page you mentioned, but didn’t install. I wanted to hear back from you first, thank you for responding. I will install the Java. Yes I put my User Library on an external because I hate filling up my system drive. No worries sir, I’m patient, I know you’ll figure out another way but yes I’ll install the Java from the Cycling site and give that a try. Thank you
@JohnyRingo I finally made a portable version (on the KoFi downloads page) that includes the library in the device file. Hopefully this resolves the compatibility issues.

You still do need java unfortunately. There's no easy way I could think of to split the stereo buffer besides a java based buffer operations object :s
Includes a vast array of IR impulses? Sounds good to me!

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