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Wow, it looks awesome, and thank you so much for the effort!
Unfortunately I'm having the same problem...I've tried to install it following the instructions step by step, in every possible "max for live" folder in my user library, but no luck. No sound at all using the convolution strip, and with the analog one (I think for the same reason, since they both work with the IRs) no response from the noise.

Macbook pro M2 Max, Ventura 13.2.1

Idolo? I D O L O

Awesome tool! Thanks for the effort!
Is there the possibility you would do a deeper explanation of how it is working? Because, from the little I saw just trying it, I'm pretty sure it could be a true turning point in my mixing workflow. And maybe not just mine.
I feel that I just scratched the surface of what I can do with it...

Wow! I was curious about this channelstrip, because I love the "first attempts" especially on audio effects. Don't take it as an offense (everyopne of you first attempters), but there's usually something weird in the behaviour of the patches that makes them unique and really full of digitarian character. And this is no exception! I've found it great on drum kicks and basses, it really gives them punch and shape. Awesome work!