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I just bought the device, but it is unusable because it is very laggy, and the filter is stepping big time. Ableton 12, Windows 11

I really love the idea but i second that the convolution part and the noise sample part is not working for me either. I hope it would be fixed. Thank you.

Thank you for this device! Please make an update with a dry wet control or just a button to make it all the time Wet. in this case will be more versatile in Audio racks.

I think it is gonna be very useful for me. Thank you!

Super cool device. I wish to work in arrangement view for linear workflow. Thank you. :-)

I was so happy to see your post as I was in search of something like this but unfortunately on Staves pop-up and wheel pop-up, it is just a brownish mesh/grid with nothing on it. Everything else works awesome, I just need those features. I am on Live 11. Looking forward to making this work. Thank you for your generosity and creative passion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... this is something really simple and useful. Why does the automation record need to be off? It actually recorded my Modulation wheel ( by accident but I think that is even better)

Hello! I am interested in this tool. Please confirm if it's working in Live 11. Thank you!

Hello! I have made a little mistake. I have purchased Spectral stretch instead of Spectral freeze 🦧. I don't want to bother you much but if there is a way to make the change I will be glad. Thank you for your creative work and passion.

It works amazing now. It is a very handy and versatile tool. The Elastic option is interesting to experiment with. I am very grateful.

Very handy device. Thank you! It will be awesome if you can make the tempo reading with two decimals as in Live not rounded. I am tuning the tempo with the scales . Blessings

PS: As I have started the conversation...A small idea for MotherDucker. It will be nice for some of my situations to have the ability to map the triggers. Just for versatility and fast testing

It may be exactly what I am looking for. But with snowflake, I have an issue on Live 11. There are showing only transition time knobs on the gui. Everything else is just grey background. Your other devices are looking as supposed. I hope it is possible to fix the gui issue. Looking forward to test it and thank you big time for your creativity and passion.
BTW ...very cool and metaphoric name.