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Name | Version: Poly-Plaits 1.2
Author: vingtdeux
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Mac OS only

A few days ago, some people commercially released devices based on Mutable Instruments modules, with relatively high prices. The problem is that the code of Mutable modules is open source, and the externals used in these m4l devices too. Even if there is some work behind it (and I'm sure there is), it's not very ethical, and far away from open-source philosophy.


Anyway, it was the occasion for me to learn a bit about poly~, and try a polyphonic version of Plaits !

It has 6 voices of polyphony, ADSR controls, and all the classical controls found in the Volker Böhm's external. I also added a crossfader to fade between OUT and AUX output, and a stereo control to adjust the panning of the 2 outputs at the same time.

And it is Push mapped.

And it is free !

*1.1 : fixed an issue with automation
*1.2 : oups, i previously wrote Attack in french (thanks @klingklangmatze)


All the hard work comes from :

- Émilie Gillet, creator of these modules
- Volker Böhm who mades theses externals -> (
- cipp0 ( for the pretty encoders -> (

Let me know if there is any bug or thing to add :-)


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 08 2021 11:27:37
Date Last Updated: Sep 23 2022 14:19:00
Downloads: 2429
License: None
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Device File: Poly-Plaits 1.2.amxd


yay! thanks!!!!:)
Haha, nice move ;-)
Oh - my message didn’t transcript well … it was a series of heart emojis … merci Vingt Deux, you rock. Can’t agree more with your statement. Eternal respect to Emilie, voilà qui devrait avoir la légion d’honneur dans mon trop souvent triste pays.
Thank you! This is extremely well done.
Thanks for sharing! I'll give it a try :-)
No - i doesn't say a thing on my Windows PC. Seems the problem is in the vb.mi.plts~ object. Maybe it's compiled for a MAC?
Sadly no single tone over here - Win10, latest Live ....:-(
It doesnt work on windows because the vb.mi.plts is compiled in MAC.
Idk if anyone did a port to windows it should be pretty simple but i'm a noob

More infos :
Sorry windows users I totally forgot to say that the external is compiled for Mac ! You can find another plaits device that works with windows here : (however it's not polyphonic)
+1 Crampe (: def nice move
and thanks!
Well done and totally agree with you!!
Sadly it doesn't work on M1 Silicon either; 'incompatible externals' or something. But tbh even the built in ableton stuff like convolution reverb isn't working yet either! Would love to know what the exact issue is though. But well done on the honest work here.
EDIT: actually that's not true, it just doesn't work on live 11.1 Beta. Working fine on the latest official 11 release and sounds great!
OH wow thank you SO much! THIS one sounds way better than the commercially released XV.. To bad i have bought it already. I like this a LOT more sound & feature wise!

1x litte buggy thing i found:when modulating parameters and switching in 2-op_FM mode i get heavyy PEAKs, and sometimes the whole Track crashes (no more sound, channel stay in red but can move erverything, need to restart Track..)
adding; got a refund for other XV, so all good, all happy :-)

and the bug with 2-op_FM is not always reproducible, it may is related to short & quick modulation of parameters.. trying to rebuild some modular stuff, sounds mostly LOVELY! hehe :-)
Hey, thanks everyone !

It was tempting to do it again with Braids this time, so I did it today :

@PmichaelHenry : thanks to report that, it's strange that it doesn't work on a live 11 beta, maybe something with the max version used ?

@Raban : I have experienced a buggy thing like that, but just once, when I was building the device. Feel free to open the patch to look for a bug ! It could also come from the external, but unfortunately it's far away from my knowledge at the moment :(

Hi, thanks for adding this. I built a plaits maxforlive device a few month ago with Volker Böhms externals. Unfortunetly, I also got these extreme peak errors while using the 2 FM OP.

Small note: I think you put your native language into the "attack" dial. ;)
I'll want to check this out. Mutable is nice.
Hi that's a very nice and thoughtful move :) . Do you plan to make a slilicon compatible version ? Thanks :)
Still no Silicon compatible version ? :)
Heck I wish someone is gonna make it compatible with m1.
Boehm apparently did but should be ported to m4l
any chance you'll update this to be compatible with Apple silicon?

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